Global Action For Healthy Cities And Communities

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Public Health Management


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Assignment Criteria

Assessment task 2 

Brief description of assessment task

Individual written essay, reflecting on the city/town/community each student considers their home (i.e. either the one they live in or the one they come from) based on the eleven parameters of a Healthy City

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A healthy cities movement took place in Europe that became an institution in World Health Organization. The program consists of different phases that have set policies and paradigms to gain a better understanding of 'healthy cities'. Many ideas and notions were pointed out by scholars, which finally established the 11 parameters of Healthy Cities in 1986 by WHO Healthy Cities Project. In this essay, the 11 parameters will be considered for my city Kingswood that is located in Australia. Kingswood is my homeland and it is an Australian suburb in New South Wales (Leeuw, E., 2012). 

A Clean, Safe, High-Quality Environment

The first parameter deals with the cleanliness of a city according to which, a clean city is supposed to have a healthy and safe physical environment with good housing quality. It suggests that it is important for a city to be pollution free, support cleanliness all over, safety measures in terms of physical environment and includes good residential structures for its citizens. For Kingswood, the New South Wales Ministry of Health considers this to be one of their prime agendas to ensure that the city remains clean and disinfectant. They consider that it is very crucial for the city to develop appropriate prevention and control strategies that keep the city safe and clean for people while keeping a check on pollution levels. Furthermore, Christian communities in the city also ensure that people not only get a clean environment but are supported for their safety that also includes residential help for people in need. The environment at Kingswood is generally clean and safe with fewer inhabitants and strong ties between them (NSW Government, 2012). 

A Stable, Sustainable Ecosystem

The ecosystem is another very important parameter that indicates the health of a city and ensures that is safe for future generations as well. Keeping up with a proper ecosystem has been one of the main focuses lately in the whole of the Australian government. With the increasing population of the whole country and a major influx of people from different countries, the ecosystem has been questioned several times. Even in Kingswood, there have been concerns regarding the ecosystem, even though it is not a major metropolitan city and does not have too much population, but the rising population and pollution in nearby areas can also harm Kingswood in the future. The New South Wales government is trying to cope with the rising pressure with new strategies and support for its residents, and building a sustainable construction that can support our future generations as well. In fact, the government at different levels of Australia are working together to promote a sustainable ecosystem throughout the country (Ding, G., 2008). 

A Strong, Supportive Community

The third parameter is important because human lives have always revolved around groups, communities, and feeling of togetherness. Being social in nature, a strongly supportive and non- exploitative community is very crucial for human existence. Communities support people at all times through psychological, social, physical and emotional well- being. In the case of Kingswood, strong communities exist such as religious communities, healthy communities and various other social communities that help its members in times of distress. People can easily reach their groups and discuss their issues. These communities also conduct regular programs to support its members and encourage them for well- being. They help people with housing needs, skill development; connect people, managing personnel issues, education, and many other aspects. One such community is Mission Australia Centre, which is a Christian community that helps people and supports them during emergencies and problems (Penrith Australia, 2015).

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