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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2500 words


5 Days

Assignment Criteria

1) Identify a real or imagined Case Study that presents one or more significant ethical issues to an ICT professional. This Case Study is to be used to complete your assignment. (Note: that the Case Study is not counted towards the word count. Only your analysis will count.)

2) Prepare a report analysing the ethical issues raised in a case study, with recommendations for professional behaviour in both organisational and/or consultancy settings. In the report, describe the relevant case, identify the most pressing ethical issue(s), the stakeholders, possible breaches in standards or behaviour and the consequences. Discuss what you think is the most appropriate action(s). You must apply the process steps suggested in the text to identify the necessary information for the report.

3) Present a 5 minute overview of the report to the class

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Assignment Solution

1. Introduction

Regulation of the professional bodies is required to bring in good practice—the system aids in building a better society and encouraging skilled work environment. The regulatory bodies have embedded codes of conduct, principles encompassing ethical theory (Floridi & Sanders 2002) (Bebeau 2002). The standard code of conduct aids in making good ethical decisions. Information and communication technology (ICT) (Harris et al. 2008) (Van den Hoven 2007) is a combination of telecommunications and computers. The domain deals with storing, retrieving, manipulating, transmitting information electronically. 

 The writer has considered web designing practice to convey the ethical practices (Prestridge 2012) (Jung 2009) (Ozturk et al. 2011) present in the system. Different stakeholders (Freeman & Reed 1983) (Savage et al. 1991) and the procedure adopted to complete their doings are considered in the study. The report is generated to highlight the shortcomings. Necessary measures are taken to overcome the weakness and bring in better quality to work. The future readings focus on the description of web designing practice case study. The following section encompasses consequences and reasoning for the actions taken by different stakeholders of the system.

2. Web designing practice

Description: A situation of designing the web content (Mehra & Mehra 2012) (Frain 2015) by aggregating enough knowledge is considered. The intended company has to consider interviewing its staff. Designing requires a set of skills to be owned by the designer. The team members are provided with different segments of the work. Each individual involved in designing has to display the necessary characteristics. Using the collective skills of the team members, the design comes up with certain expectations. The candidates are evaluated for different skill set. The outcome of the interview has to list the shortcomings of the interviewed. The weakness of the team members has to be identified and catalogued. The outcome is aimed to inform the respective officials to employ a training course. The training course employed has to address the shortcomings of the interview outcome. The opinions posted by the interviewees are to remain private. The respective in-charge officials handle the situation by addressing their employees on the same. 

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