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Management Portfolio


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Assignment Criteria

Please follow the sample assignments. It can be news articles on the current contemporary issues in IMC You can use ones from past 2 years. The links have been provided in the template. Please follow the sample assignment. Maintain the word count please.All 5 parts have to be 400 words each. Conclusion has to be 100 words, Observation table has to be 200 words, introduction 100 and the topic of issues has to be 100. repeats to all 5 sections.

Cases in IMC, a management portfolio. It is a 2000 words assignment

There is a sample assignment and the structure you are suppose to follow.

The assignment is on the 5 management decision making areas. each one of them have to be explained using the current advertisements. If you go through the sample assignment you will know what has to be done.. Each section has to be 400 words and the word count should not exceed 2000 words.

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Assignment Solution

Determining the role of IMC tools: 


In a particular business practice, the customer relationship management (CRM) is closely connected with the integrated marketing communication process, wherein with the understanding of the customer's preferences the major business decisions are taken by business organizations. The major elements of the integrated management communication are advertising, promotions related to sales, direct marketing approach, selling of product on an individual basis and activities related to the public relation. Advertisement finds its application to promoting the brand awareness and brand image while the promotion of sales is applicable for assisting in decision making with respect to buying or products (Belch & Belch, 2009). 

1.2 Issues:

Article 1: Pizza Hut shall collaborate with the web series of Legends of Gaming. Pizza Hut becomes one of the most the integral brand collaborators with this web series. With this approach, Pizza Hut has utilized the social media as a tool for advertising the product (AdWeek, 2015). 

Article 2: The Coca-Cola Company has recently launched a Diet Coke product with concern towards the obese population. The advertisement policy included several information with respect to the calorie consumption with the intake of their product. The company involved the application of publication media as an advertisement tool (AdWeek, 2015). 

Observation Table:

Challenges As observed from the article 1 digital media is amalgamated within food company, the challenge lies in understanding how many customers are likely to be interested in watching the online game series.
Opportunities As observed in Article 2, the company has taken the opportunity to remain transparent with the product details.
Adherence or Deviation from the principles of IMC Citing both the article it may be stated that both the company followed the principles of IMC and wisely applied the management tools
Possible outcomes and effects The approach taken by both the companies adds positive feedback. In these cases, efforts have been exerted to attract the customers.
Impact on business or brand Considering both the article it may be stated that IMC applied by them has given a positive impact and has increased the sales rate.
Likelihood of development Other companies may learn from these two companies as for how to make wise use of IMC tools.


To conclude it may be stated that in both the article there is a clear indication of the activities that may promote the product and also attract a considerable number of people. Advertising and the application of internet technologies are accepted as the primary communication tool by both the organizations. To strengthen a business it is equally essential to establish a stable interactive platform. Therefore, it is justified to state that during the formulation of a business strategy, it is essential to given emphasis on the advertisement processes for the promotion of a particular product. 

Setting Objectives: 

2.1 Introduction

Analyzing the aspects of integrated marketing communication, it is revealed that the primary objective of this particular management tool is to bring all the aspects of marketing communication and execute the business practice in a united manner. The concept of fixing objectives or business targets directly corresponds to the disputes connected with the fundamental marketing communication process. Decision making with respect to formulating the budget structure is also an inevitable part of setting objectives. The SMART business model has been hugely applied in understanding the issues related to the setting of business targets (Duncan & Duncan, 2005).

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