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Impact of beauty brands on women buying behaviour

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2500 words


Business Plan


5 Days

Assignment Criteria

From Assessment 1 (corrected based on feedback and any required revisions):

• Your report should include the following:
• proposal Working Title
• Project Description
• Significance
• Research question(s)

From Assessment 2 (corrected based on feedback and any required revisions):

• Literature Review
• Methodology—you will be working with secondary data. This means you can use existing literature,
published reports, publicly available data (statistical, demographic, visual)

Actions for Assessment 3:

• Findings and discussion from the research
• Conclusion – recommendations for implementation, areas for further research, and limitations of the
• References
• Appendices (if required)

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Assignment Solution

1.0 Introduction 

1.1 Background

Brand loyalty shows awareness and unawareness of consumer’s, which can be  expressed by intention and behaviour to repurchase a brand more often. Brand loyalty has  different definitions which can be explained through the consumers liking of a particular  brand in comparison of other brands. Consumer buys those specific brand products again and  again when customer recognize that the brand provides the best product features and best  quality at perfect Price at the right time. Customers being loyal to the brand until it gives  satisfaction to them, and they continue with that brand (Salim Khraim, 2011). However,  sometimes customers switch to other brands because of such barriers, including technical,  economic and psychological factors. The critical part of the consumer’s purchasing decision  is brand features:- 

Brand Name: The brand names which are well known can publish product benefits and  helpful for the advertisement of the product than non-famous brands. The image of the brand  attracts customers towards those brand products and provides links to the brand's self expressive and emotional benefits of differentiation.  

Product Standard: The standard of a product contains the different features of goods or  services that support its ability to satisfy consumer expectations. Moreover, the quality of  goods and service refers to the perception of the degree to which the product or services  meets consumer needs.  

Price: Price is a crucial element for the average consumer. Customers who are loyal for a  particular brand and satisfied with their features always happy to pay the most excellent Price  for a specific brand, therefore, the purchasing power of loyal customers is not easily affected  by Price. 

Promotion: Promotion is a marketing mix element, that can be used to communicate with  clients. The use of advertisement, sales promotions, publicity and personal selling are types 

of development. Advertising of a product dramatically affects consumers’ images, beliefs and  attitudes towards products and brands, and in turn, influences their purchase behaviours. 

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