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Impact of Event Tourism on Host Communities

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Word Count

1200 words


Health Services Management


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

 Task description: 

You are to write an essay which identifies and critically discusses the range of events held in a city, district or region and their impact on the economy, culture and environment of that location.

Overall the essay must be integrated, comprehensive and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the events industry and regional development.

There should be a meaningful discussion about the key factors rather than mere descriptions of elements.

The essay should

  1. identify the various types of events (mega, hallmark, community, business, cultural etc.);
  2. discuss the significance of the event industry in the chosen location;
  3. describe and discuss, with examples, how the events and event tourism interact with the location's:
      • regional economic development (jobs, income, sustainability);
      • regional social/cultural development (social cohesion and inclusion);
      • regional environmental development (infrastructure, revitalisation and appreciation of attractions, sustainability).

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Assignment Solution

1. Introduction

Traditionally tourism has focussed on the transportation sector, hospitality and accommodation sector, entertainment sector. Over the last few years, event tourism has rapidly gained in popularity. Event management firms realised that this sector offered a lot of potentials and hence gradually expanded to different related fields in the event tourism sector. Tourism is a financial industry that helps to increase the growth of the economy of a region and also to the labour market (Getz, 2007). It generates opportunities for occupation directly and indirectly by providing necessary goods and services for tourist events. 

Research Objective 

The aim is to examine how the event tourism and major events that are held in the Pietarsaari city, Finland can influence the development of the host community economically, culturally and environmentally. 

2. Event Tourism 

Event tourism is a proper development, designing and marketing of festivals along with special events such as image-makers, attractions place for tourists and incentives for economic growth (Hall, 2009). Management of tourism comprises of improvement of tourism based on examining the nature and motivation of all types of tourists. It also tries to determine the experiences of the event in order to regulate it properly. Hence, event tourism desires to take full advantages of the facilities available in events for acquiring development of tourism on host communities (Getz, 2007). 

2.1 Event Industry 

Nowadays, the tourism sector has become so common in industrialised nations that people are unable to determine how these types of activities are created. Critically determining tourism, one will find that it influences all daily lifestyle of people, and it intermingles with the host community, country or region (Cooper, 2008). Another aspect that has influenced the event industry is the raising rules and regulations of government which have forced the industry to regulate in demanding and complex surroundings (Allen, 2011). Because of raising competitiveness between tourist destination and host communities, attention has been given more on special industries for gaining advantages and also to acquire economical, social and environmental objectives. The different key components that have significant roles in the event industry are event organisations, suppliers of event industry, event ventures, external regulatory bodies, industry association and event management firms.

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