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Innovation at Mc. Donalds

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About Innovation

Innovation has been and still continues to be an important topic and it entails a process through which changes are being made in something that is already established through the introduction of something new that helps in adding value to the customers. Thus innovation can be described as a unique process that converts ideas into outputs that further help in increasing the value of the product for the customer as well as contributes to the knowledge store of the organization (Khan, 2014). The increased or added value to the customers will result in the process where the customer will keep in using the product or service or will experience an improved version of the product's experience (O’Sullivan, 2008).

Thus application  of innovation  is applying certain practical tools  as well as techniques that help in  making changes whether large or small  in the processes, or products or services  that helps in instructing something very new  in the organization, while adding value to the customers as well as majorly making a contribution  towards the knowledge store of the organization.


Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, can be considered as the barometer that is used for measuring the overall social, industrial as well as economic growth and plays important role in the development of the society on the whole. Thus entrepreneurship has helped in facilitating productions as well as distributions at a large scale while increasing the scope as well as the area of marketing of the goods as well as services (O’Sullivan, 2008). Therefore entrepreneurship acts as a positive force that motivates and brings in economic development by either creating or improving national wealth or by creating opportunities for new jobs. Some of the major areas of entrepreneurship are learning, challenges, financing, competitors,  managing start-ups, developing a Unique selling proposition (USP) as well as research work  (Kuratko, 2014).

 An entrepreneur is a person who takes rational decisions, assuming the risk as well as providing the management for the firm. An entrepreneur is the one without the fear of failure, possessed tremendous energy, optimism and is unflinchingly positive. Thus entrepreneur is the one who constantly looks for changes, responds to these changes while exploiting the opportunities. Therefore Innovation is one unique and very specific tool used by an entrepreneur for converting source into a resource (Kuratko, 2014). 

Social entrepreneurs are visionary, highly committed to their cause and very self-confident and that is the reason why they are liked by journalists as well as politicians a lot.

Innovation Adding Value to Organization

The franchising Model adopted by McDonald's also known popularly as 'social franchising' where there are many lessons that can be learned from the senior management of McDonald's. McDonald's has been selling its franchise to individual business people, thus securing the knowledge that they will replicate its existing model instead of trying out something new and changing to fit their own ideas. That is why McDonald's has been chosen as the perfect analogy for discarding the differences existing between the social franchises and the social entrepreneurs (Khan, 2014).

Locality is a membership organization that has more than 7800 community –run social enterprises. Within a short span of just 2 years, it  owns works successfully with its informal network of the activities as well as social entrepreneurs that helps in spreading the knowledge as well as ideas all across the network in very fast speed. Locality is one such organization that has been riding high on the wave of community ownership with self-confidence and style. It develops certain guides that can be easily downloaded as well as has tools that the local activists can use for starting the campaigns for bringing or restoring the neglected buildings back within the community (PwC Advisory, 2012).

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