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IT Risk Management Plan

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Course Work

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IT Risk Management Plan


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Q-1. Complete the last section of your RMP, the Risk Treatment Plan.

Q-2. Perform a Corporate social responsibility (CPR) analysis of your project.

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Assignment Solution

Answer 2

Principles of institutional legitimacy

Yes, the knowledge portal would be a win-win solution for all. It will assist the employees in getting access to best practices and past experiences, thus saving time and effort for them. It will also be a positive solution for customers who would get quicker and reliable service 

Principle of public responsibility 

Yes, the benefits of the knowledge portal are far greater than its risk. Once the primary risks of access control, material quality, usability, compliance, and training needs are solved, the portal would start delivering positive value for the company. 

Principle of managerial discretion 

Yes, the work is ethical as well as socially responsible. It does not involve exploitation of human resources in any form. Neither does it promote any social evil or harm for the society. 

Environmental assessment

Yes, a thorough assessment of the key processes which would be impacted has been undertaken. The knowledge portal management would speed up the planning and decision making processes of projects and also facilitate the risk assessment process, by enlisting the past mistakes and remediation. 

Stakeholder management

Yes, all the concerned people have been involved. The IT team, operations team, planning and financial managers have been apprised and their individual roles and contribution have been discussed. 

Issues management 

Yes, all the relevant issues and risks have been covered. Proper avoidance, mitigation and transference strategies with key resource requirements have been planned. Other issues with regard to estimating of financial return on investment, has also been considered and planned for. 

Social impacts

The software product would provide a great boost in productivity and performance of the employees, y facilitating the conversion of tacit knowledge of expert employees, into explicit form, to be followed by other employees. It will be a bone for the customers as well since their requirements will be well understood and effective solutions would be provided. 

Social program 

Yes, in order to take into account the legislative and compliance requirements the planning team has been looped in, and necessary treatment strategy has already been decided 

Social policies

The information and data to be stored in the portal would necessarily be company specific, and hence because of confidentially reasons, it would not be practical enough to share it with the external community. However, it would help enhance the reputation of the company by allowing for quick and effective service delivery of projects.

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