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Management Principles Role Play Assignment

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Assessment Type


Word Count

500 words


Management Principles


1 Day

Assignment Criteria

TASK 1:  Form a group of two. Pick one problem/situation from the list provided. Choose any organization as a context, if necessary.  


One student takes the role of manager in charge and the other one acts as devil's advocacy of the group, or the staff the manager needs to talk to. Discuss and/or interact to solve the problem, using relevant management theories. Outline all relevant theoretical issues in a note. Word limit is 500 words, excluding references.


Present your solution, including defining the problem at hand and pros and cons of your solution. The task has two components: A brief presentation of your solution (10 mins) and responding to any questions from audience (5 mins). Please note each group also has responsibility to put questions for other groups.

Role-play problems

You joined an agency six months ago as a supervisor and quickly recognized one problematic employee, David. David knows the business and has got a lot of experience. He can basically do the job, but he always doing the minimum just enough to get by. Every body is annoyed with him and life in this agency is simply too stressful to have someone on the payroll who isn't on the job full time! You want to talk to him. Your boss is on your side but hasn't exactly been helpful with specific ideas. You've got some complaints from customers about David (did not return phone calls, or kept people waiting) but not enough to chastise David about it. What would you do?

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Assignment Solution

The major issues identified in the roleplay problem are,

  • Employee behaviour/attitude
  • Poor performance

These issues tend to affect the morale of other employees.

The manager has to take necessary steps to create awareness of the organization policy on performance and distractions.

The manager has to take up the issue with the problematic employee – confronting the employee with the issue under consideration.

The issue can be resolved by 

  • Documenting the details on problematic instances
  • Scheduling a face-to-face meeting with the employee
  • Create awareness on the organization policies
  • Explaining the expected tasks

The success of conducting a private meeting with a problematic employee lies with the positive environment prevailing during the meeting.

After motivating the employee of potential consequences, the manager has to begin working on the discipline process also.

This solution – confronting the employee, provides a faster solution by communicating with the employee and speed up the issue resolution.

At the same time, the manager has to play fair by giving sufficient time for improvement.

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