Nursing Assignment Case Study

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Nursing assignment case study

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Assignment Solution

Q2. Mrs. Green is having difficulty in adjusting to her body image and her confession that she is no longer fertile indicates that she must be suffering from the post-menopausal syndrome. The post-menopausal syndrome is common in females, when the menstrual cycle in her is stopped for more than one year or when a woman reaches menopause. This is caused by a sudden decrease in the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body which leads to an increase in heart rate, palpitation, and depression. The pain threshold is also lowered and an individual experiences hyperalgesia. Hormone Replacement Therapy might be useful in such patients (Perez-Lopez et al, 2012). 

Q3. To assist Mrs. Greene in performing ADL's without embarrassment, one needs to provide a person-centric care by creating an environment of trust and confidence between the health care provider and the patient. Mrs. Greene should be taught that such support is quite obvious since she is in pain and the nursing care provider may be entrusted with maintaining the dignity and respect of Mrs. Greene ( 

Q4. The two priority needs for Mrs. Green's discharge would be to reduce her blood pressure below 140/85 mm Hg level with a heart rate less than 80 beats /minute. Further, she should have a tight control of pain and must reach optimum analgesia for performing her daily activities and become ambulatory (ref: Loscalzo et al, 2008, and Reiner, 2013).

Q5. Mrs. Green needs social support from peer groups for living with postmenopausal state and combating depression. This can be done by peer associations and involvement in community and societal issues (Schmidt, 2005). 

Q6. The developmental stage as related to Mrs. Green is of typical issues in postmenopausal state. Mrs. Green is not feeling adequate pain relief due to the lowering of pain threshold due to hormonal imbalances and further her pain is aggravated by a state of anxiety which must have resulted in psychopathic pain. Due to a loss of hormones, like estrogen, the menstrual cycle has stopped. Further lowering of estrogen levels in the body could make her susceptible to cardiovascular diseases too (Perez-Lopez et al, 2012).

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