Nursing Leadership in Clinical Practice

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Assignment Criteria

The Task 

Reflect on a recent clinical practice experience* where you have observed a situation that has demonstrated either exemplary leadership in action or where leadership was inadequate during the care and management of clients and / or staff.  Your essay should include an outline of the situation / incident (this is not included in the word limit) detailing the relevant events associated with the incident / situation, so that the reader clearly understands the situation and associated issues.  

Identify who was involved, what occurred, challenges faced and the outcome. Make sure you de-identify any information so that the people and venue involved remain anonymous. A reflective framework is provided below to guide your analysis. In your essay use a theory of leadership you have studied from your module activities to inform your analysis of the situation.  The essay also requires you to discuss the implications for your own leadership roles in your future nursing practice. Some of the leadership theories you have studied include:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Authentic theory/breakthrough leadership
  • Servant leadership
  • Congruent leadership

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Assignment Solution

Overview of Clinical Practice Situation

I was placed in a community healthcare centre as an intern during the winter session. The registered nurse, during her tenure of deployment in the healthcare centre, experienced a clinical scenario where the admitted demented patient had an argument with the junior fellow nurse practitioner. The patient represented the case of Alzheimer’s dementia and was admitted to the community care centre because of her deteriorating mental condition. The patient was 45 years old female and was not accompanied by any relative or friend during the course of her treatment intervention in the clinical setting. The physician and psychiatrist had concomitantly recommended systematic treatment interventions for the patient while considering her deteriorating mental and physical health, and accordingly, she required effectively complying with the prescribed therapeutic intervention in the context of challenging the further deterioration of her wellness outcomes. In the presented clinical scenario, the patient had a severe argument with the nurse practitioner as well as the treatment team when they tried to enforce the administration of the proposed prescription in accordance with the medical decision-making. The patient became violent, and the healthcare teams experienced the risk of harm from the patient during a state of conflict. The patient also remained at high risk of experiencing a panic attack and subsequent suicidal or homicidal attempt because of her deteriorated mental condition that could further worsen during the state of confrontation. The registered nurse practitioner intervened while analyzing the criticality of the situation and directly approached the healthcare team to mitigate the state of conflict that could further deteriorate the mental condition of the patient. This exhibited the open approach practised by the registered nurse and executed to control the unfavourable circumstances arising from the conflicting situation. The registered nurse professional instantly instructed the healthcare teams as well as the junior nurse fellow to stop arguing with the patient and resisted the enforcement of therapeutic administration against her will and consent. He registered nurse professional favoured the stand of the patient and asked the healthcare teams to give due respect and consideration to her consent while offering therapeutic intervention in accordance with the physician’s prescription. Concomitantly, the registered nurse professional effectively empathized with the patient and attempted to initiate a therapeutic communication with the objective of calming her down, reducing the probability of her panic attack. The registered nurse professional offered the patient a cup of tea in the hospital’s cafeteria and administered half an hour’s conversation for controlling her behaviour. This reduced the frustration of the patient, and within a few minutes of the effort by the registered nurse professional, she appeared normal and motivated. Subsequently, the registered nurse professional explained the advantages of the effective compliance to therapeutic communication to the patient and systematically tried to convince her to receive the prescribed drugs in the absence of unnecessary resistance. The pattern of therapeutic communication with the patient proved successful in terms of satisfying her concerns and motivating her in the process of shared medical decision-making. 


In the presented clinical scenario, the registered nurse displayed exceptional leadership skills while attempting to mitigate the critical situation that happened after the tough conversation between the healthcare team and the patient. The registered nurse approached the patient and initiated an open conversation with the healthcare team with the utilization of effective communication skills in the context of empowering the thought processes of both parties for calming them down and utilized patient-centred approaches for safeguarding the rights as well as the health of the patient in the difficult circumstances. This scenario definitely indicates that the kind of congruent leadership the registered nurse displayed will require utilization in my future clinical practice while handling the complex patient conditions.

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