Nursing Process Related To Mr Taylor And Falls

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Word Count

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Assignment Criteria

This assignment is based on the care of 97 year old Mr William Taylor, who has multiple underlying health conditions. Mrs Taylor has now passed away and the extended family have returned home. Mr Taylor is therefore now living alone, however, is being visited regularly by his daughters and friends from his church group. Mr Taylor wants to stay in his home as this is where he feels the closest to the memories of his wife.

He is receiving the following services:

  • Meals on wheels 
  • Blue nurses (community nurse) 
  • Assistance with housework, shopping and showering 

In addition to the above information please refer to the following supporting documents.

  • For relevant patient history – Story board 1979 – 2016 located under assessment 2 folder on the NUR1099 study desk. 
  • Care plan for Mr William Taylor also located in assessment 2 folder. 

In this assignment the SN is to assess and manage Mr Taylor's care in relation to falls utilising the nursing process of identification, planning, implementation and evaluation.

Evaluating relevant literature through researching up-to-date journal articles, health service documents and the textbook will allow the SN to implement critical thinking and link theory to practice.

Assignment task

In a written essay format:

  • Provide quality definitions for each of the following three nursing philosophies of care approach (Person Centred Care, Holistic Care and the Nursing Process of Care Approach). (150 words) 
  • Justify why these three nursing philosophies of care are important in the care topic, Falls Prevention, for Mr William Taylor. (200 words) 
  • As Mr Taylor is considered a high risk for falls, provide evidence of how to assess Mr Taylor in his home. 
  • Plan Mr Taylor's care considering his health history and discuss any potential impact his identified health problems may have on his falls risk. 
  • Implement and discuss nursing interventions the SN will undertake to prevent Mr Taylor from further falls? This may include discussion of referral to other health professionals. Ensure relevant literature is used to support the discussion. 

Define how identified nursing interventions will be evaluated.

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Assignment Solution


 Falls are common events that take place in the elderly population. A fall can be described “as an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or floor or other lower-level” (World Health Organization, 2016). It has been estimated yearly 30% of falls occur in people older than 65 years and 50% of falls occur in people more than 80 years of age. (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2013). In Australia, in the year 2011-12, 96,385 people above 65 years of age were hospitalised for the fall associated injuries. (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2016). In the current case study, Mr. William Taylor is 97 years old male who is at high risk for falls. This essay highlights the importance of nursing philosophies of care, the impact of the health history of Mr. Taylor on his risk of fall and nursing interventions that would effectively prevent the occurrence of future falls. 

The definition of nursing philosophies of care and their importance in the care of fall prevention:

Person-centred care: 'The Health Foundation' has provided a framework that addresses the four features of person-centred care that includes 'affording people dignity, respect, and compassion', 'offering coordinated care, support or treatment', 'offering personalised care, support or treatment' and 'being enabling' (Collins, 2014). 

Holistic care: The concept of 'holistic care' is built on the concept of holism which refers to the notion that 'for human beings, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts through creative evolution' (Wade, 2009). It recognises the correlation between biological, mental, spiritual, and social aspects (Zamanzadeh, Jasemi, Valizadeh, Keogh, & Taleghani, 2015)

The nursing process of care approach: The features of the nursing process as stated by Wilkinson (1996) includes 'dynamic and cyclic; client-centred; planned and goal-directed; universally applicable; problem-oriented; and a cognitive process' (Wilkinson, 1996). The nursing care process includes five basic stages of “assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation.”

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