Business Management

Performance Measurement as a Management Competency

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Assessment Type

Reflective Essay

Word Count

750 words


Managing Organizations


2 Days

Assignment Criteria


This assignment aims to develop students' understanding of the Internal Process management model through the integration of theory and practice. Additionally, it continues to further develop the skill of reflective practice, which students were introduced to in assignment 1. 


Students are to write a reflective essay (max 750 words) which details how one of the Internal Process Management Competencies (MCs) has been 'experienced' in the workplace. As part of this task students should clearly and accurately identify how their experience of the chosen MC is consistent with the characteristics of the Internal Process model. 

Note: students need not have direct involvement with the management competency but simply observed its development, implementation or outcome in an organizational setting.

Students with no workplace experience on which to base their essay will need to identify and interview someone who can provide the required first-hand insight. A friend or family member would be suitable for this purpose.

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Assignment Solution

The nature of organizational performance is multi-faceted  (Hubbard 2009), and measuring performance has become difficult due to the changing macro-economic external environment and stakeholder expectations  (Bititci et al. 2012). The performance measures are expected to provide answers from different perspectives – customers, internal business environment, innovativeness and learning and finance (Behn 2003). I observed that measuring and monitoring performance allows companies to constantly monitor key performance indicators and to resolve issues identified from the analysis. Companies strive to achieve success with effective performance management practices that indicate problem areas, plan proactively and determine the plausible solution.  In my observation, the business unit adopted a performance excellence model that helped the management and the employees to work strategically in accordance with corporate goals to improve the unit's productivity.

I gathered information related to the internal process management competencies adopted in organisations through an interaction with a Plantation Estate Manager working in KDH plantations of TGB, one of the business units of a global conglomerate. One of his roles and responsibilities is to manage business performance to streamline operations. He reviews the plantation's performance during a specific time period, evaluates the current business practices and determines potential solutions. His task is to determine weak points that affect the efficiency of business operations and identify methods to improve them. He carries out these tasks with the assistance of a total quality management consultant designated for the plantation.

I learnt from the manager that his business unit adopts a business excellence model devised by the corporate business group. He explained that the model addresses seven criteria that ensure improved results –organisational leadership to set directives, strategic planning to achieve goals, being customer-centric to meet their requirements, data collection and analysis to support the planning process, developing the human capital and process management to meet the targeted goals.  This model is based on the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence. The core values of this framework comprise of ensuring quality in-line with customer expectations, leadership, implementing continuous improvement measures and learning capabilities, giving importance to employees, a higher degree of responsiveness, ensuring quality and preventing defects, strategic view for future developments, effective management practices, imparting partnership across the value chain, being a responsible corporate, employee engagement and citizenship and focus on business results (Ford & Evans 2000).

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