Portfolio Reflections Assignment 2

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Assessment Type


Word Count

250-450 words




1 Day

Assignment Criteria

Assignment 1 is based on Activities 1 – 5 and has four tasks

Task 1: Undergraduate Learning Profile (based on Activity 1)

  1. Complete Activity 1 
  2. Write a paragraph (250- 450 words) reflecting on your learning strengths and weaknesses and providing the three specific strategies you will put into place to improve your learning this semester. 

You could use the SWOT(S) analysis: some strengths you possess; a weakness you need to overcome; an opportunity you need to take advantage of; a threat you may need to overcome; and strategies you need to integrate to enhance your learning capabilities this semester.

Task 2: Student interview (based on Activity 2)

  1. Complete Activity 2 
  2. Write a paragraph reporting on the interview you conducted with an experienced student including your insights and reflections about the interview and how the interview changed, or did not change, your study approaches for this semester (250- 450 words)

The interview could be a nursing student, or he/she could be any other student, or even someone who went to a different university at a different time, studying a different degree. Meet-up students and your online tutor will also be available to interview for this task.

When you write your reflection make sure you use a pseudonym (or different name) for your interviewee to protect their privacy and to be confidential (these are in your nursing codes of conduct)   

Task 3: Academic writing (based on Activities 3 and 5)

  1. Complete Activities 3 and 5

This is an academic writing exercise to enable you to demonstrate that you can write a thesis statement, accompanying main points, an academic paragraph and include consistent referencing. You need to include:

  • A thesis statement on a clinical aspect of hand washing. Make sure you include a context, for example a cruise boat, in a hospital, etc
  • Three main points supporting the thesis statement 
  • A paragraph supporting one of the main points listed above. The paragraph (250- 450 words) should include:
    • The main point 
    • Supporting expert evidence including 3 in-text references (at least one of which is an indirect reference)
    • Two specific and relevant examples related to your clinical aspect and context 
  • A Reference List containing 3 references (one of which is a database article) set out in correct APA style 

Task 4: Article selection and evaluation (based on Activities 2 and 4)

  1. Complete Activities 2 and 4
  2. Select an article from the databases that will assist you to support your thesis on hand washing
  3. Write a summary of the article in a paragraph (250- 450 words)
  4. Write a paragraph explaining the structure of the article (250- 450 words)
  5. Write a paragraph evaluating the article's authority, currency, accuracy and overall applicability to your needs (250- 450 words)

Assignment 2 is based on Activities 6 – 9 and has three tasks

These tasks are to be submitted on the e-portfolio that you created in MAT1008

Task 1: Reflection on your learning skills development during this semester (250-450 words)

  1. Reflect about your prior expectations, experiences, learning strengths and weaknesses, and things you have learnt or had wished you had known at the beginning of the semester. Reflect about how your experiences differed from your expectations or whether you will change your learning skills/strategies for your next semester of study. You might also like to think about how you will apply these skills to your nursing practice. 
  2. Write a paragraph outlining how you have changed your learning skills, strategies and approaches this semester.  You might like to comment about the ULP survey, the interview you conducted, the weekly activities, the development of your academic writing and referencing skills, the subjects you enjoyed, the insights you have gained in your studies, etc.  Include examples that will support your discussion.

Task 2: Nursing code reflection (250-450 words)

  1. Select one of your ANMC nursing codes of conduct or ANMC Code of Ethics or standards 
  2. Write a paragraph applying it to a combination of your personal, study and/or work life experiences using examples. 
  3. This paragraph needs to be academically set out and substantiated with three in text references and a List of References using the APA referencing style

Task 3: Graduate qualities reflection (250-450 words)

  1. Choose one of the following USQ graduate qualities 

Discipline Expertise:

Evidence of analytical engagement with the theoretical knowledge of students’ chosen disciplines.


Evidence of the skills required for effective participation in students’ chosen working environment.

Global Citizenship:

Evidence of students’ ability to connect discipline-based theory and practice to the sustainability of communities, economies and environments in a global context.


Evidence of students’ capabilities to make a scholarly contribution in their workplaces and the wider communities.

Lifelong Learning:

Evidence of students' academic and lifelong independent learning skills.

  1. Write a paragraph outlining how you have developed this USQ graduate qualities this semester. Apply the quality to your personal, study and/or work life experiences by using specific concrete examples.

Submit your assignment on a word document which contains your name and student number as well as your secret URL for your e- portfolio 

To ensure your marker has access to your portfolio please follow the following directions:

  1. Go to the 'share' tab under the ePortfolio page 
  2. Go to your finalised CMS1008 ePortfolio and 'click on secret URL'  (towards the right hand side of the page
  3. Click 'Add' to generate your secret URL to your CMS Portfolio page
  4. Copy your secret URL link and paste this link into a word doc (along with your name and student number) and submit to EASE. Please do not put your secret URLs on the forum posts

NB if all your posts are submitted on the day before the assignment due date then you will only receive half marks. This is because you will not have received feedback from your online tutor and therefore learnt from the feedback.

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Assignment Solution

Assignment 2 – Portfolio Reflections

Task 1: Reflection on learning skills development in this semester

The current essay presents my reflections on my current style of learning and how it has changed during this semester of nursing study. I have discussed the development of new learning skills based on my prior expectations and experiences. I believe that nursing is a profession that demands circumstantial learning and adaptation. From all of my previous educational experience, I had focused on the theoretical knowledge of the discipline of study. Therefore, I previously focused primarily on acquiring the required expertise in my discipline of study and the technical knowledge surrounding the academic requirements. Due to this, my expectations prior to the start of the semester included the procurement of technical and theoretical information and detail-oriented learning. However, with the progress of the semester, I learned that my expectations differed from the learning expected in the nursing program. This was primarily because of my experiences with experiential learning. I have learned during this semester that nurses are required to have the ability to make smart choices and be able to adapt to circumstances. Since learning styles differ for each individual, I believe it is essential for each individual to identify his/her style, especially in nursing. I have learned that the creation of the best possible environment and procuring support and coordination from colleagues is important in handling demanding situations in nursing. I believe that from merely being a strategic, organized learner, I have developed a learning style that mainly includes reflection and pragmatism. Due to my learning style of reflection, I tend to listen to the opinions of my fellow nursing students and friends. I believe that I shall blend the application of my theoretical knowledge, my learning, and the gathered experience whilst dealing with any difficult nursing situation. I am thoughtful and reflective on the opinions that I share with others as well as the approach that I would prefer to use in a situation. Thus, my learning skill has developed a reflective approach wherein I am mindful of the different opinions of people under different situations and use the most thoughtful approach. I believe that I have developed a tendency to make decisions over a comfortable period of time. I reflect upon my approaches in various tasks along with assessing a better approach or points of improvement. However, I believe that despite having reflection as my primary learning trait, in nursing, the likelihood of being forced into situations that demand impromptu functioning is high. Thus, I have developed the approach of a theorist as well which involves my previous experiences in learning. I have developed a step-by-step approach in this semester. I lay out my tasks in organized steps that help in the final achievement of the goal. I shall carry this method on to the next semester, since I have found such organization most useful. 

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