Post-Humanism And Maori Stereotypes Assignment

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Assignment Criteria

I just want expert to check my 250 words writing then rephrase it or writing it again to make it sounds better and more close to fit to brief requirement but looks like it’s my own words which is simple words.. (I’m sending the brief within the mail as well also I will send the tutor’s comments, it will explain about this paper more)

I named the document file ‘200 words – connection between posthumanism and stereotype of maori’ that I want the expert to change.

This paper is about writing personal statement about the connection between essay1 and essay2 that I have done. (I’m sending these essays within the mail as well just in case)

Here is here example of my friend’s writing.

Her first essay module is same as me which is post humanism but second module is different, but I’m sending it just for an example and getting the idea how we should write.

If you have any questions please mail me

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Assignment Solution

 I have chosen Kate Soper for my Post-humanism module and Melanie Wall for indigeneity in NZ films module. The key concepts in each writing is that post humanism calls for different thinking i.e., post-humanism is the otherness and the contemporary stereotypes of Maori. 

Soper(1995) has used the world helplessly in association with the rise of post humanism. So although humanist stereotypes are hard to change, to be the post-humanist we have to break our stereotype and think differently. Post humanism could be interpreted as a refusal to take humanism for granted similar to the Maoris' refusal to take stereotypes for granted. Wall (1994) contends that the frame of the power of the stereotypes which helps the perpetuation of racialization takes the form of ambiguity and ambivalence. People have to change; we should not have stay still. Maori do need to change the stereotype of themselves and to think differently and try to speak up for their right to self-definition. To think differently will help us identify and move towards a pragmatic view of the special place of Maori in the world which would call forth new qualities of Maori instead of identifying the Maori with contemporary stereotypes. People have to change to build a better world, we have to think differently and break the stereotype and step forwards to post-humanism.

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