Post- Marketing Project Reflection

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Assessment Type

Written Assignment

Word Count

4000 words


Marketing Project


6 Days

Assignment Criteria

  1. Assessment 2 – Pre-Marketing Project reflection
  2. Assessment 3 – Initial concept development for sustainable offering
  3. Assessment 4 – Peer evaluation of initial concept development for sustainable  offering
  4. Assessment 5 – Concept development for sustainable offering and situation  analysis
  5. Assessment 6 – Marketing plan for sustainable offering
  6. Assessment 7 – Post-Marketing Project reflection

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Assignment Solution

1.0. Introduction

Undergoing a marketing project and planning its various strategies has been a learning journey for me in all aspects, including the management of challenges faced. This assessment will present personal learning reflection in areas of collaboration, problem-solving, marketing planning and sustainability skills undergone during the project.

2.0. Skills of Collaboration

Based on prior experience, I was quite prepared to face the challenges in managing a collaborative approach during the project and displaying the best set of collaborative skills developed by me in the course of past exercises. But the learnings of past, especially the fair share approach, was not easy to be applied. Challenges of coming to consensus in planning were also witnessed, where I initiated as a leader to motivate but failed as a visionary, in spite of a desire to do so. I understood my inefficiency as a visionary and would try learning it with practice. Writing the project brought in challenges, where members questioned each other's capabilities of writing which was sorted by means of team-building efforts put by me to develop trust and cooperation among members. 

3.0. Creative Problem Solving Skills

Importance of valuing customer was witnessed in undergoing the project. As part of my learning, I was able to gauge the difference between a theoretical understanding of problem-solving against the actual situations based. I strived to identify the 'constraints' in all instances when the problem was to be identified and solved in the course of the work. But a typical aspect faced, were situations where more than one problem and more than one correct option was identified. The project also provided me with opportunities to develop emotion abilities to accept and understand ambiguity and also manage mental flexibility and enhance emotional intelligence abilities. Such experiences, in every activity, was a challenge that helped me develop the problem-solving skills needed by a marketing manager. 

4.0. Marketing Planning Skills

As per my prior understanding, I knew the need for efficient idea generation abilities to be important for marketing planning. But, it was in the course of this project that I understood the importance of 'effectiveness' over efficiency. Also, the project gave me the opportunity to understand how flaws in planning come in with inefficiency in identifying the big picture, which I feel I somehow missed in several cases and as a corrective measure would practice in all aspects of life be it professional or personal.

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