Professional Communication Issues Presented By The Losing Faith Scenario

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Assignment Criteria

You are required to write your advice to the Executive Director of HOPE setting out what you see as the top three (3) professional communication issues presented by the Losing Faith Scenario.  Justify your choice with a brief explanation as to why you believe these issues are the most important in a word document (600 words).  Please refer to the readings provided in this unit and maybe your own personal experience.

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Assignment Solution

Reflective Writing

For an organization to function smoothly, it is essential to have a cohesive and inclusive workplace. A cohesive workplace can be created by facilitating effective communication within the organizational structure. The HOPE is a government initiative that plays a vital role in promoting public awareness with respect to air pollution. Of late, certain communication issues have cropped up within HOPE. Most of these issues revolve around one incident in particular. The CEO of HOPE, Alex Coles has hired Frank Rodgers, a friend of his, as a consultant for producing the promotional material and public information modules. Rogers, in turn, delegated this task to a firm called Innovative Health Solutions (IHS). The employees are passionate about their work and have had years of experience in the same field. But they believe the quality of the material produced by IHS is subpar. The informational modules are replete with basic spelling errors and the content is ineffective, irrelevant and, in fact, misleading. This is a serious issue as a government initiative like HOPE cannot afford to disperse misleading information among the public. Moreover, the employees hesitate to convey their honest feedback to the CEO due to two reasons; firstly, his obvious connection to Rogers and secondly, his mode of functioning that is non-inclusive. I would like to outline the three most important communication issues within HOPE.

Attitudinal barriers

The employees and the CEO have a basic difference in attitudes with regard to work. While Coles is interested in increasing the key performance indicators (KPI's), the employees' focus is on producing quality work (Back stories to HOPE FINAL First Person, 2015). Balancing productivity and quality is essential in this scenario. The employees are reluctant to share their honest inputs with the CEO due to his non-inclusive style of functioning. There is a need to develop more effective listening on the part of the CEO. It is essential that the workplace form strong and honest interpersonal relationships. Developing such crucial relationships at the workplace shall go a long way in facilitating effective communication and canceling out attitudinal barriers. Had the CEO endeavored to create such an environment, the employees would probably have confided their issues without any hesitation.

Organizational Harmony

Organizational harmony entails a greater consensus within the organization at all levels, be it the top management, the CEO or the employees. In order to achieve harmony, it is vital that there are clear channels of communication between the top management and the employees in the organization. The CEO needs to be held accountable and only the top management can do so.

By having clearer lines of communication through regular feedback from the employees, the management can glean the state of affairs within the organization. Such channels also encourage the employees to confide their honest opinion with the management, without the fear of any repercussions. HOPE's board of directors needs to create such a channel with its employees.

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