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Qualitative IT Assignment on Data, Information & Knowledge

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Assessment Type


Word Count

1500 words


Information Technology


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

1. Define and describe knowledge, information and data in a general sense, as well as providing specific examples for the job that you have selected.

2. Describe how 21st Century technology assists the use of the knowledge, information and data.

3. Describe what challenges come with the use of the technology in relation to the knowledge, information and data.

4. Does the technology remove or alter the knowledge, information and data required?

5. Propose how the knowledge needed in this job contributes to organisational and personal operational efficiency and strategy.

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Assignment Solution

Introduction to Knowledge, Information and Data


Data is any known fact, that has implicit meaning and generally results cannot be concluded from that. To understand bit deep let us consider the following example:

123456789 John Smith M 30000 5
333445555 Alicia Jennifer F 40000 4
987654321 Franklin Wong M 25000 1
453453453 James Borg M 48000 5

Table 1: Employee data of a company.

The above table indicates the Employee data of a company. Now let say the HR Manager of that company would like to calculate the taxation on the Employee based on gender and their annual income. In that case HR Manager first to find the gender of a particular Employee and need to calculate the annual salary, which means the given data, is to be processed. Once the data is processed, it becomes Information.


Processed data is known as Information. Information can give conclusions or results as per requirements by the users.


Knowledge in general is an acacquaintance, responsiveness or understanding of something, such as known facts, metaphors, or abilities, which is obtained through practice or education by understanding and learning.

Old age peoples use to say knowledge is a kind of gift by God. Knowledge was first knowingly used in the 14th century and at present we are in 21st century.

Data 51,77,58,82,64,70 (scores by students)
Information Average test score can calculated- 67%.
Knowledge This shows that the first student's mark is below average

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