Reflection In Practice

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Assessment Type

Critical Essay

Word Count

2500 words




5 Days

Assignment Criteria

Hi can you help me with my other assignment ass well it is of “reflection on practice”.

We have to reflect on an event from our practice using the rolfes model .

You can make up an event as a student nurse . an event that is simple and easier to explain and not took vast.

Please look into it and reply .

Well this assignment is reflection ,so most of it should be written in our own words .

The assignment has four parts 

The first is “representation” where we can use multi media , audio visual , photography, drawing, poetry , youtube links or any other medium. can you please use either photography or drawing or poetry , not the multimedia or A/V or youtube links..

In the last part i.e evaluation we have to “Summarise the elements presented and consider how your values and approach to your practice can be informed by critical reflection that considers the social and historical context of health care issues”

Ill attach the two reading of the historical and social context with this mail.

And for this assignment i would not need any cover page or table of contents or anything just in simple word format with heading will do because ill have to re-do the assignment  and post it in my university  site as single file for each 4 parts. 

When sending the solution. Please also attach the item (photo/ poetry etc) that will be used in the first part of the assignment 

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Assignment Solution

Self-Introduction and My Value Statement 

I am serving as a staff nurse in a leading tertiary care hospital of a developed country. I have an experience of 5 years in this current job function. I am presently deployed in the intensive care unit, and the period of such deployment has been for last one year. The ICU consists of 20 beds and has a unique 'state of the art systems' in adjoining localities. Critical patients are being admitted with high care requirements and we operate through a unique teamwork guided and led by our Nurse Manager. My nursing philosophy always has been the role to provide quality and timely care to all the patients who are supposed to get care facilities in my wards. 

I am guided in my job function through certain value philosophies. The salient features include responding to a patient as fast as possible, make my communications with the patients' in such a way so it can be perceived by the patient. I also believe to extend a person-centric care and communicate with my colleagues about issues that creep up during my caregiving process and take regular feedback from my peers and Nurse Manager to improve my quality of care. Further, I make it a point that I will always learn from my reflections and develop myself in such a way so as to sharpen my skills for future qualitative aspects of caregiving. I also intend to share the culture of 'best practices' across my peers and analyze case situations from our nurses meeting to meet the deliverables. 

Some of the things that I have learned through my experiences in this ICU ward that each and every patient has a diverse care requirement which needs to comply at all levels and this can relate from protecting religious and ethnic beliefs to the importance of communication. The important attributes that I portray in my present role are to provide proper dosed medication through the IV channels, regularly following up and extending the therapeutic medications to the patients in a timely manner and reporting adverse drug reactions as soon as being noticed. The other job functions include assessment of proper caregiving requirements through compliances to dosage titration, timely pain management, and supportive health care processes (Wright & Katz, 2005). 

Apart from my professional values, I am also guided by my personal values. These values help me to maintain a quality personal life and builds competencies that reflect in my professional role also. The core values that I equally abide by in my personal and professional life are showing respect to people, respecting other individuals' opinion; believe in teamwork, creating an inclusive environment, always approachable for open debate and discussion. I also believe in maintaining trust and transparency in my actions, remain focused on actions, always exhibit goal-directed behavior for ensuring the performance of the organization. The above qualities and values have helped in building my expertise to provide person-centric care in critical and challenged individuals.

Reflective Model based on Rolfe et al (2001)

The process of analyzing a situation and learning from the same is referred to as the process of reflection. Reflection is a very important step to provide consistency of caregiving by care providers by analyzing the best practices and malpractices to create a roadmap for future qualitative care. Rolfe's model of reflection is very popular in nursing practice owing to the simplicity of its approach and further, the action steps can be measured and analyzed for successful implementation or needful corrections. Rolfe's reflective model is based on answering three questions:

  1. What? This means what is the problem or issue
  2. So what? This means if the issue happened how does it impact patients care
  3. Now what? This indicates if it had impacted care what can be done next.

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