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Research Essay on Security Assessment for Mobile Devices

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Information Security


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Assignment Criteria

Topic 1: Security assessment for mobile devices/phone security

Current mobile technology has almost transformed mobile phones and tablets into normal PCs that they can flexibly install various applications with different usages. This enables the mobile devices to play a bigger role in production and broadens the borders of enterprise information system. However, it also provides a hotbed for the malware to spread them onto mobile devices to reach different illegal purposes(Leavitt, 2005).According to the statistics, there is a significant increase of the security exploits attempted on the mobile devices in order to attain illegal profits or the sensitive information, and the device owners are becoming more severe victims in the information warfare(Niekerk & Maharaj, 2010). Currently, complex attacking techniques and strategies are being migrated to mobile devices by cyber criminals. According to research findings (Juniper Networks Inc, 2012), there is more mobile malware than ever before, and the malware has become smarter and more stealthy to avoid detection and hinder analysis.

Possible research questions:

1. What is the current situation of mobile phone security?

2. What are the major security assessment process/processes that are available used to protect data in the mobile world?

3. What is the current development of the defence technique/strategies for mobile security?

Task: search 20+ related papers (from Conference/journal paper, White papers, tutorials) and write a report to summarise the current/recent development in the area.

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Assignment Solution


With millions of consumers currently using mobile devices like cell phones, tablet computers and smart phones to communicate, obtain and share information, there is an ever growing reliance on mobile interactions. With the rising use of mobile devices and information access, the number of variants of malicious malware and other techniques for intrusion, and data threat is also rising like never before.

This research was aimed at identifying the current status of the mobile devices with regard to their security assessment. The research revealed a systematic taxonomy of mobile data based on the confidential nature and identified sources. It identified common sources of threats in the form of cyber criminals, botnet operators, hackers, terrorists and foreign governments, followed by a comprehensive categorization of security attacks.

The common security issues in mobile devices were also studied with regard to lack of passwords, missing authentication, unencrypted wireless transmission, issues with malware, security software, out of date operating system, and poorly secured communication channels. Certain key security controls were observed for individual users in the form of building antimalware capabilities, relying on encryption, authentication, firewall, security updates and whitelisting techniques. Similarly, some key controls were studied for organizations in the form of intrusion detection system, firewall, VPN implementation, along with the need to build a centralized security system.

The growing importance, application and options for bioinformation based mobile security, was also an important element in this research. Lastly, an assessment was made with regard to the defensive tools and technologies against malware attacks, in the form of the growing trends towards mobile device management, containerization and virtualization

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