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Assessment Type


Word Count

2500 words


Information Technology


3 Days

Assignment Criteria


Proceed according to the following instructions

Write a literature review for your article of no more than 2500 words related to the research project you chose in your first assignment

Use the title of your study as the title of your assignment, so that the subject coordinator knows which study you are doing.

Your literature review should

  • List the research question
  • Address the research question guiding your study from within the literature Select literature that is relevant
  • Set the boundaries of the review
  • Show the relevance between the points you make and the references you cite Locate your study within the existing knowledge
  • Identify gaps in the literature
  • Comment on future research directions based on the identified gaps i.e what other research questions arise from the literature
  • Select literature that reflects recent developments in the area and emphasizes primary literature (i.e. journal articles containing original research)
  • Be written clearly (with content well organized)
  • Use the APA 6th edition referencing style and list the bibliographic references at the end of your work that correspond to your in-text citations


The assessment item is designed to help you to build skills towards achieving the learning objectives, by requiring you to:

  • be able to demonstrate writing skills in an academic research environment
  • be able to identify and analyse existing sources of information that relate to the chosen computing research problem
  • be able to synthesise and critically evaluate academic literature about the computing research problem

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Assignment Solution

Literature review:

Research Questions:

The important research questions of the study are,

  • Why are Cloud Computing and the big data analysis getting more importance day by day?
  • How Cloud Computing and the big data analysis are helping the companies to make money?
  • What are relevant theories to explain the effectiveness of big data analysis and Cloud Computing?
  • What influences do cloud computing and big data analysis might encompass the value establishment of an organization? 


In a technological era, two Information technology initiatives are at the present top of the mind for the organization across all over the world; cloud computing and big data analysis techniques. Four big data analysis techniques offer the assurance of providing helpful insight that can generate a better competitive advantage, drive better revenue and spark new innovations (Marston, Li, Bandyopadhyay, Zhang, & Ghalsasi, 2011). Moreover, as a delivery model for information technology, service, cloud computing has a tendency to improve organizational productivity and agility while enabling reducing cost and greater efficiency. 

According to Hardiman, (2013), Cloud Computing standardizes big data and reveals that every organization can nowadays continue their work with shapeless and unstructured information, data a large scale. He further has informed that the cloud computing technology can easily now managed massive data set very quickly and without any hazards (Hardiman, 2013).

This research work is an effort to show the effectiveness of the cloud computing and the big data for the organization to make money. The literature review clarifies the efficiency and importance of the cloud computing and the big data analysis with the help of several kinds of research done by another researcher. This piece of study contributes to analyzing the effectiveness of the cloud computing and big data analysis critically by discussing them briefly. 

Understanding Cloud computing and big data analysis:

Big data analysis is seen as both an enhancer and successor of long-established data analytics, yet in the current literature review, big data analysis is to be defined in terms of value creation. Distinguishing theories on the value creation are to be used that helps the organization to perform successfully. Now the aim of the organization is to generate more profit with better advantages over the competitors; thus with the help of cloud computing and big data technology, they try to achieve the same objective and goal; reduce costs, increase revenues, or both (Agrawal, Das, & El Abbadi, 2011).

Utilizing big data analysis or enormous information examination, a business can remove usable data out of vast, unpredictable, interconnected and shifted dataset, prompting critical bits of knowledge, (for example, the condition of the business and client conduct). Deloitte gauges that in the year of 2012, approximately more than in ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies will probably have some enormous information related activities for promoting an increment of industry incomes up to approximately $1-$1.5 billion (Lee & Steward, 2012). Investors are sponsoring high information ventures with subsidizing rounds of over $50 million. At the same time, governments are also financing in open information and colossal information investments (Harris, 2012).

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