Retail Marketing Report On Zara

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Word Count

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Retail Marketing


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Assignment Criteria

Prepare a comprehensive retail marketing strategy report.

Along with a number of others you made the shortlist to gain a position as a retail advisor for Retail Solutions (a Retail Marketing Consultancy) at present your position is temporary. Your first customer would like you to conduct a review of their retail marketing strategy and to mystery shop their business (including physical bricks & mortar store and online website). The quality of this report will dictate whether your position will be made permanent. In order to perform this review you will need to address the areas below and evaluate from both the physical bricks& mortar store [marketplace] and online store [marketspace] perspectives.

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ZARA begin with its foundation laid by The Inditex Group, very well known as Industria Del Diseno Textil S.A. located in northwest Spain dealing with textile designs. It is one the largest running retail group with 8 brands under its umbrella and over 6,460 stores in over 88 countries around the world. Its first store was set up in A Caruna where it currently holds its headquarters, initially featured lookalike of famous brand's products to women, men, and children (History of Zara, 2008). It started differentiating itself in the nineteen eighties with new designs and super fast manufacturing as well as the supply chain for itself. Unlike many other designer stores, ZARA uses information technology along with new designers to reinvent fashion in its designing and manufacturing.  It began its international expansion with a fashion city Portugal in 1998, gaining confidence with the USA in 1989 and France in 1990; followed by Mexico and Greece in 93' and 94'. It currently owns 2000 stores around the world in leading 88 countries. It comprises of a creative team of more than 200 professionals today (Zara history and background, 2009).

ZARA's Mission

Zara aims to continuously thrive to understand the need of the customer and accordingly inform them regarding the latest fashion trends and ideas; depending upon their tastes and requirement. The ideology of ZARA is to share a responsible passion for fashion amongst a large spectrum of people with different age group, cultures, and gender (Euromonitor International, 2009). 

Target Marketing and Positioning 

ZARA has been working with the perspective of democratic fashion done by offering latest fashion product in good quality yet affordable price. It has created a competitive edge over its competitors through vertical integration of design, efficient delivery & Sales, Just-in-time manufacturing using advanced technology and low inventory rule (Capell & Khermouch, 2002). 

Geographic Segmentation: ZARA being a Spanish brand established itself in European countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and France before it began international expansion. It was important for Zara to relate and attend to the customer's demand in these countries.

Demographic Segmentation: Zara's customer focus has been mainly Women (60%), followed by men and kids. It designs more clothing for women segment meeting the dynamic demand enforced by market competition and expanding in men and kids clothing as well. Women and men are mainly from the younger generation between the age bracket of 18 to 40 years, mainly the mid-income group and are a lot interested in fashion products.

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