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The aim of the Assessment is twofold; firstly, the assessment will assess your understanding and critical analysis of the material for Units 6 & 7: Selection at work. In addition, the assessment will be an opportunity for you to gain feedback on your essaywriting skills and your ability to develop clear arguments in your writing

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Assignment Solution

An attempt has been made in this piece of work to examine selection as a process in organizations. Selection is pivotal in many has played a significant role to ensure outcomes in terms of output and productivity. This essay covers selection in the light of a review of the literature. Areas covered include job analysis, KSAs, personality, selection methods, validity, and reliability of various selection methods. An attempt was made to introduce the readers to the perception of applicants towards the different selection methods employed by the organizations.


Over a period, research in recruitment and selection has paid attention to the decision making of recruiters that is the selection has been studied from the organizational perspective (Anderson N. &., 2001). It is an indication of the importance of selection process from the organizational point of view. According to Gatewood, (Gatewood, 1987) selection is the procedure of assessing information around a candidate in order to provide an employment offer. There is an increasing emphasis on the fact that human resource management plays a significant role in the performance of the organizations and effective human resource functions (Redman, 2009). Research has also suggested that recruitment and selection have played a very important role in human resource management (Timothy 1992).

Job analysis-An important component of selection:

The process of selection can be divided into various stages including job analysis. Job analysis has been defined as, the gathering and investigation of any type of employment connected information by any process for any resolution (Ash, 1988) in terms of behavior necessary to perform a particular job.  Human resource researchers have used job analysis as a base for a variety of functions related to HR (Levine, 1988) Job analysis ensures that eligible people are employed by the organizations (Brannick, 2007)  and it helps the employers to fix the proper compensation for their employees (Smith, 1990). Given the importance of job analysis in the organizations it becomes imperative that job analysis should be done thoroughly and properly which will have an overall impact on the quality of all the human resource functions. Job description and employment specifications are the two components of job analysis, which are discussed below.

Job descriptions:

The common use of job analysis is to create job description (Brannick, 2007) . The job descriptions are made by a compilation of information, which is collected during the process of job analysis.

Employment specifications:

Employers make use of job analysis to find out what kind of knowledge, skillset, and capabilities are required for an applicant to perform (Brannick, 2007). The specifications pointed out during this process are known as job specifications. (Jones, 2001), stated that employers use the selection exams to find out the characteristics of an individual in terms of knowledge, abilities, and skills.

However, there are certain authors who have suggested that the outcomes of job analysis can often lead to inaccuracies as job analysis is based on the biased judgment. Sanchez and Levine (Sanchez J.I. & Levine, 2000) have questioned the accuracy of job analysis method according to him it takes a large amount of time of job occupants and most often there is no evidence to suggest that occupants possess enough qualification to make sure that usable work-related information is provided. Therefore, employment interview has been identified as the best method of selection by most of the researchers.

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