Social Work Field Education 2015

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2500 words


Social Work


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

In the attached learning plan (developed by the expert), student comments under the each Mid Assessment Learning area is already written by the expert. 

Now the student comments under the each Final Assessment area including the overall comments at the very end are required. The comments should be very constructive and should be provided in such a manner that we should analyze what learning goals we can achieve till the end of the placement.  

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Assignment Solution

Learning Plan Summary

Description of organization or program focus

SWAN originated in the UK and now has divisions in Ireland, Greece, New Zealand, and Canada. SWAN-AU is a dedicated network on the grassroots level for social workers, social care practitioners, students, service users, careers and academics within Australia. It is designed to respond to current challenges facing the discipline of social work, and the lives of social work service users. The members of SWAN-AU can together decide on what the key issues are to improve the working life of social workers and campaign on key social justice issues. Through this network, we have the opportunity to provide feedback to organizers, initiate campaigns and feed into the strategic direction of the SWAN-UK. SWAN-AU also aims to provide an empowering forum for those social workers who work in isolation or in multi-disciplinary environments, so those within these environments do not have to work alone or in small numbers to try and achieve or maintain good working conditions. 

Summary of student's learning goals for this placement

The learning goal for this placement would be to familiarize with the code of ethics and practice in line with the Australian Association of Social Workers in the field of homelessness. The guiding principles of work would be to familiarize with the policies and modus operandi of Social Work Action Network (SWAN) which has its base at London, UK.  The organization developed in 2004 on the basis of social work movement that initiated in the 1960s and 70s. The present form of SWAN in various countries includes practitioners, students, and educators in a team-based approach to rising to social issues. I should be aware of the broader vision and mission of the project. This means that I should work with a greater focus on structural and cultural influences on individuals whom I will serve. Broadly I should operate in an environment which should preserve the human rights, addressing social inequality and partnership-based approach with peers and supervisors to ensure a social security system for homeless individuals.

Summary of mechanisms for critical reflection and supervision that will support reflective practice and learning (e.g. formal supervision; peer/group supervision; practice forums etc.)

My vision and mission of serving these individuals are in line with an organizational and contextual goal. I would be instrumental in driving policy matters that will benefit individuals suffering from homeless. I would audit the progress and utilization of resources allocated to me and would be accountable for the same. The domain I would plan to work would include providing a safe and healthy habitable place for each individual I would serve. Further, I would be instrumental in reducing the issues of drug abuse and child abuse by utilizing the local political and legal policy guidelines. My main aim would be to accommodate these individuals in such a way that they should not feel oppressed or depressed under a societal structure that was truly lacking in them.

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