Summary Of Reflections On Learnings

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Assessment Type

Reflective Summary

Word Count

1500 words


Social Work


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

This summary is a reflection on the student's developing understanding and knowledge of SWHS concepts, social problems, the industry and of their emerging professional identity as a Social Work or Human Services practitioner. The summary will draw on research as well as entries to your reflective journal

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From my course study, I came to know about the concept of social work and human service (SWHS) (Kadushin, 2012). According to my knowledge, social work is the professional discipline that is done to assist the welfare service of the communities as well as the individuals, and human service can also be related to the service that is related to the society. The concept of the human service is very vast, but here in this summary, I will reflect on that part of the human service that helps the human communities and the individual.


In general, I found both the social service and the human service to be same the same as both are related to the working for helping and providing service to the human communities and to solve their problems (Miller & Rollnick, 2012, pp. 45-56). On the contrary, the two are very different when related to the service they provide. The human service is the incorporative field of study that aims to meet the need of human beings. It helps to find out the problems that are related to the human being, prevention of the problem and enhance the quality of the life of the people of the society. 

I found that social service is about to assist and endow people to improve their social standard of life. I learnt that social work is mainly related to social justice and the social workers have to prioritise that judicial issues related to society. The scope of the human services are only related to employment, but the social service has various aspects for the career.   

Social problems 

I learnt about the social problems of the social service and that of the human service, which is very relevant to human issues. The problems are mainly related to the wrong perceptions that are created by the government regulations and the perceptions of the family members of the victimised persons related to the issues (Lovelock, 2011, pp. 123-306). In the present scenario, there are some places where people are ignorant about the education and family welfare, and they will not allow the social workers to interfere in the family matters, this is a very frequent problem that is faced by the social workers working in the urban areas (Payne, 2014, pp. 110-119). The other problem of social workers is about the resources that are needed for the well-being of the people suffering from mental illness.

The human service also sometimes are affected by the problems regarding the resources and the reform system that are in needed while doing their work in enhancing the quality of the life of the people. 

Values, ethics and practice standards 

I came to know that the ethics of the social service are related to the improvement of the quality of health and social integration of society. I also learnt that human service professionals had adopted the code of ethic to enhance the services to their clients and customers, along with developing a healthy relationship with clients. 

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