Summative Assessment To Somercare

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Word Count

3000 words


Humanities Sociology


6 Days

Assignment Criteria

This assignment will require you to visit an agency which employs social workers and discuss with them the process of assessment in one of their programs. (If the agency has more than one program, you should focus on one program only). In some agencies workers with various qualifications do similar jobs. As some of the questions relate specifically to social work perspectives, you will need to ensure the person you meet with is a qualified social worker.

It is probably easiest to focus on assessment in a program which works with individuals or families. Your report should include discussion of the following four broad topic areas (with suggested lengths for each issue) in addition to an introduction and a conclusion. The specific questions within each topic area should guide the scope of material you should cover within the broader topic, rather than be a set of questions and answers.

  • Introduction (approximately 250 words)
  • Description of the agency/ program – What is the agency/program you visited? Who are the client group? What is the problem which this program seeks to tackle? What are the aims and objectives? What strategies (or methods of practice) are used? What are the theoretical underpinnings of the program? What is the rationale for delivering services in this way? (approximately 500 words)
  • Assessment – What is understood to constitute an assessment? How does assessment occur? What is the process? What theories underpin the assessment process? What information is collected? How is this information used in the assessment process? Time frames? (approximately 500 words)
  • Ethical issues – Are there any ethical issues or dilemmas for social workers working in this agency when doing assessments? What ethical decision making model does the social work use to work through these ethical issues or dilemmas (approximately 500 words)
  • Your own critical perspective – What is your critique of assessment in this program? Is the assessment process appropriate for the program? Are there issues or ways in which this could be done differently/more effectively? (approximately 500 words)
  • Conclusion (approximately 250 words)

This assignment will require you to integrate theoretical learning from the first six topics in your study guide with information you gain from your visit. As far as possible you should reference the material you are presenting, even that which is descriptive. Hence, it would be a good idea to ask the social worker about what reading they might recommend about the assessment processes they use. You will also need to do your own reading and research to supplement references suggested to you on your visit.

A suggested format for this assignment would be to use headings to separate the different sections outlined above.

As social workers are often very busy and hard to make times with, you may need to start organising a meeting soon after the beginning of the trimester.

It would normally be expected that you use at least 6 references in this assignment. Your weekly readings are a good place to start, but you should also use the library to find some additional references – books and/or articles and not rely solely on search engines such as Google for reference material.

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Assignment Solution


Social care is one of the major requirements of civilized modern life, as society needs to contribute together in order to take care of and protect the most vulnerable and weak members of society. The role of social workers as paid professionals tasked by society to carry out this collective duty is thus extremely important. Social care workers need to be fully trained and aware of the professional methods to bring the best possible standards of care to the patients and clients. In Australia, social care is organized through a variety of service providing agencies to which the social work is outsourced by the tax-funded agency such as the Medicare, the Department of Health and Ageing or the Department of Human Services. This requires social care service providers and their employees to be extremely diligent in the value they provide in their service for the tax-funded services (Healy, 2005).  Whereas the Medicare and other professional associations if practitioners provide the necessary oversight and quality control mechanisms for social care, it is largely up to the individual social care agencies on how they increase or enhance the value they provide to their customers in the form of special customized care for vulnerable citizens. Moreover, it would have to be ensured that the social workers employed at the agency meet all the requirements in terms of professional qualification in handling social work and interacting with vulnerable patients. Modern social care work in Australia involves a range of functional specialisations including elderly care, child care, treatment and counselling for mental health patients, counselling for young people with personality disorders or facing social alienation problems, counselling and care for domestically abused people as well as extremely vulnerable people who have faced or experienced severe distress in the form of violence. For the purpose of this assessment, an elderly care home in Melbourne, Somercare, has been selected. The assessment will try to describe the agency, their program for social care and functional specializations therewith, as well as the various ethical issues faced by social workers at the agency in the course of their work and how they are tackled (Fook, 2002). 

Description of the Agency/Programme:

The Somercare Care Home is an elderly care home in Melbourne that specializes in providing quality care at affordable prices to retired people over 65 years of age.  The care home has a large team of dedicated social care workers who try to provide care to the more the more than 70 old residents of the care home. Somercare offers relatively spacious surroundings and well-decorated and well-furnished interiors, thus providing, at least superficially, a high quality of life to the residents. The Care Home employs about 20 certified and qualified carers to look after the needs of the residents. Somercare is listed as a service and care provider under four functional specializations and categories of care service: dementia, old age, physical disability, and sensory impairment. Each of these four types of functionalities requires different types of functional specializations and core competencies among the social care workers at the agency (Somercare, 2014).  

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