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Assessment Type


Word Count

800 words


Social work-Reflective blog


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Template for weekly critically reflective blog contributions (500-800 words in total)

Key Messages

What are the key messages of the reading and lecture material?

Previous knowledge and beliefs

How does the content of the lecture and readings resonate with your previous knowledge and beliefs? Your previous experiences?

Strengths and limitations

What do you see as the strengths and limitations of the various models, theories and explanations put forward in the lecture and readings?


What issues of power exist in this topic area? What are the political assumptions? What is the power position of the social worker, the service system and client?


What do you see as potential practice issues for you in this area, given who you are and your social location? (For example an Australian middle aged, white woman, from a middle class background, with a professional occupation)


What are some of the implications for social practice (micro, meso or macro level practice) in this area/or from this topic?

Additional thoughts or issues (only if applicable)

Any other thoughts or issues regarding the topic


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Assignment Solution

Key messages

Social workers have an important role to play in improving the health care system as health is considered as the basic and fundamental human right. Being a vital member of the healthcare team social workers bring out unique assessment and intervention skills to meet multiple roles and responsibilities in providing patient-centered care.

Previous knowledge and beliefs

Social workers contemplate the influence of economic, social and cultural factors of the environment and its impact on the individual. They also analyze the economic and psychological requirements of a person and build their individual strengths in order to empower them. Social workers are present in various health care settings such as private, government and non-government organizations (Scope of Social Work Practice in Health, 2014).

Social workers serve as a bridge between community and hospitals by educating and navigating them through the health care system. They also guide and help people on issues like drug and alcohol, mental health, chronic disease, and disability as well as during terminal conditions (Cleak & Maggie, 2013).

Strengths and limitations

Social work practices have a deep insight on human rights, social justice, social inclusion, holistic focus on intersection of bio-psycho-social factors, evidence-based practice, cultural and spiritual diversity, professional integrity: accountability and transparency in practice which are the key strengths in rendering health care services to people (Yellowlees & Hardy, 2014). Proper education or knowledge of health-related issues among social workers act as an important factor in determining the eligibility of the personnel in rendering effective care (Beddoe, 2011).

The cost involved in providing uninterrupted care to people is a big challenge as far as health care related social work practices are concerned. The services like post-hospitalization, rehabilitation, aids for chronic health conditions especially for rural communities are either absent or limited. In some cases, people cannot access or afford to avail the health care services rendered whereas in few cases appropriate care or treatment for the patients could not be made available (Yellowlees & Hardy, 2014). Lack of independence for social work groups in providing health care services to the needy is the biggest limitation of the mission (Beddoe, 2011). 


The social workers lack the power of autonomy in decision making as well as have insufficient resources, unlike socio-economic forces with respect to fundraising for research and scholarship. A professional identity which is a form of the social identity of an individual or a group make people differentiate the members of one social work group from another leading to conflict and tension (Beddoe, 2011).

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