Tesla Motors In Australia

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Word Count

3000 words




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Assignment Criteria

Write a Marketing Plan on Tesla Motors in Australia.

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Assignment Solution


Tesla is an electric automobile manufacturer who is energy conscious in its design and technology focused on environmental sustainability. Tesla would be launching an SUV model with different variants in Australia.  


The main purpose of this marketing plan is to showcase how Tesla will achieve its marketing goals to increase sales performance. This plan focuses on the electric car offerings of Tesla and its launch in Australia. This will include the launch of an entry-level model followed by other powerful variants of SUV.


This report is developed in authorization with Professor of XX the University of Sunshine Coast. It is developed to understand the various steps involved in managing a marketing program through the creation of a marketing plan.


The major limitations which impacted this report preparation are time constraint, word count requirements and restricted information accessibility to Tesla’s internal information. Also, the author has limited working experience in the marketing field of the electric automobile industry.


This marketing plan includes a brief description of the company, its products and industry. This is followed by a situation analysis of the external environment in which Tesla operates. The market segments of an electric car, consumer requirements, factors influencing consumer buying behaviour and financial analysis are explained. A SWOT analysis is conducted to identify how the internal environment and the external environment shape Tesla's business success. The marketing goals, objectives, strategy and action programs are also discussed. Finally, management controls that will be used for monitoring progress are pointed out.

Case Background

Company and Industry Background

Founded in 2003 and Tesla is headquartered in the USA. Tesla is involved in the design, development and manufacture of electric vehicles and energy storage equipment. Tesla's manufacturing units is located in California and Nevada in the USA and the Netherlands with a production capacity of over 2000 cars per week (Tesla 2016). In 2015, Tesla reported revenue of $4.05 billion (Tesla 2016). It currently produces two models of cars- Model S sedan and Model X sports utility vehicles (SUV). Vehicles are sold through its own sales and service networks across the globe. This distribution ownership offers Tesla to focus more on customer preferences, enhance product development and ensure capital efficiency of business operations.

The major driver for electric vehicle sales in Australia’s commitment to zero emissions. The domestic transport sector is one of the major sources approximating 17% of total greenhouse emissions (ClimateWorks Australia 2016). The key uptake of electric vehicle sales is fuel prices. According to a report of Energia, electric vehicle sales in Australia are expected to reach ~300,000 by 2030 with a penetration rate of 22% (Energia 2016). This growth is to be supplemented with electricity infrastructure in the country, which if not addressed, would lead to blackouts from uncontrolled electric charging of vehicles.

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