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Analysis Of 7-Eleven Convenience Store

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

2000 words


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Select an organisation or industry as the case study for your report. Identify some of the key challenges for recruiting the workforce for this organisation/industry, and recommend strategies to address these challenges. Your report should make reference to factors such as labour supply/demand, organisational image, demographic issues (such as an ageing workforce, generations, diversity etc), as well as recruitment strategies such as employer branding and types of advertising. You should be familiar with concepts outlined in Modules 3(HR planning), 6(diversity & work life balance), 7(analysis and Design of work) and 8(Employee recruitment & selection), and related chapters of your textbook Human Resource Management in Australia (5th Ed.) by Kramar et al. You should also engage in extensive research within the academic literature to develop an argument with appropriate theoretical discussion and references. You must cite at least fifteen (15) relevant peer reviewed journal articles (absolute minimum requirement).

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Assignment Solution


The report is a case study presenting a big picture of 7- Eleven, a market giant in the convenience stores industry. 

The report brings out, in brief, the manner in which the company operates and makes it survive in the market efficiently. Recruitment being a crucial concern, few of the key challenges have been talked about following the conclusion and recommendations to combat the challenges of recruiting.  The purpose of the report is to gain an understanding of factors which make recruiting a crucial process. Since 7- Eleven is a big name in the segment, it has been selected. The literature has been gathered from previous research works, journals, books, research articles, etc.   

7-Eleven: Company Overview  

The company was founded in the year 1927 in Texas, United States. Due to its long hours of operation, it was named ‘7- Eleven’ (Report, 2016). Marking to its rapid expansion, the company added gas stations to it and started its operations at multiple locations in the States. During the course of its operations, there were several stores which were underperforming. So, the company closed down its 122 such under-performing stores and made a new beginning by opening up its stores in North America at 127 new locations. 7- Eleven stores are categorised into three types viz. corporate, licensed and franchised (Report, 2016). 

Key Challenges in Recruiting the Workforce

The most important challenge for any business is the planning of its human resources. It is the only asset of any organisation on which the entire organisation relies. Hence, correct planning is very important. This also refers to the deep analysis of the demand and supply of labour which determines how much manpower is required for carrying out a specific function at work. This makes recruitment/ hiring the right staff a key challenge (Umar Aliyu, 2014). The current recruitment strategy that the company is facing is its lucrative practices such as continuous learning and development of the workforce, caring for the employees, employee remuneration and benefits, etc. other than this since they have diversified businesses, there is more room or the workforce to get in and become a part the international brand. Learning and development is an essential concern that every prospective employee would look for. The company has adopted ‘pay- for- performance’ system. It is meant to recognise the employees on the basis of their performance and skills. Different positions in the company have different lucrative and attractive pay packages (7- Eleven Careers). Despite there being several positive aspects of people management, there are certain challenges that the company faces. These challenges are listed below: 

  • People Management- The management of the most important assets of the company, is an ongoing challenge (Dowling, 2008). At 7- Eleven, the labour issues are huge. The management of the workforce in its diversified business is an issue that calls for attention (Dowling, 2008). The cultural environment plays a role in it. Improper assessment of the internal and external environment of the company leads to a setback and portrays a picture of inefficiency. According to the environment of the company, there should be the management of human resources (Dowling, 2008).
  • Underpayment of wages- 7- Eleven is the biggest convenience store chains in the entire nation. The larger the company, the more it is expected to cater to the financial needs and credibility of their workers (7- Eleven: Investigation exposes shocking exploitation of convenience store workers, 2015). Organisational image is to be taken into consideration while determining the wages and compensations to the employees. The human resources become a part of any company because of its image in the industry and in the society simultaneously (Lievens, 2017).

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