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Communicating Change And Motivating Others

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Word Count

2000 words


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Assignment Criteria

Reflective writing includes four areas of reflection: 

  1. Report on or describe the issue or experience and explain why it is important. Give your initial response to the experience or issue. 
  2. Relate the issue/experience to your own experience. 
  3. Reason about or discuss the issue/experience to demonstrate an understanding. 
  4. Reconstruct your understanding of the changes that have occurred as result of the experience and your reflection upon it.

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Assignment Solution


I was a teacher in the renowned London-based school named North London Collegiate School. The stint of this teaching profession of mine at this school was from 2011 to 2013. Prior to that year, the educational instructions were incorporated to the students by means of the traditional classroom and homework method. 

Exposure to the practical problems and simulation of the situations were not noticeable in the curriculum or in the way of instruction. It was at this juncture that the school authority decided to usher in a new dawn in the school. This was for creating change. Changes were to be implemented by installing new teaching tools and mechanisms and by means of making the state of the art changes to the teaching infrastructure within the school. The imparting of education was supposed to be made more interesting and practically oriented to both the teachers and the pupil. Incidentally, my role was to communicate the change and motivate others – precisely all the concerned and key stakeholders.   

Description of the issue or experience and explanation of its importance along with the initial response to the experience or issue

The traditional way of imparting education was based only on classroom lectures and seldom was the pupil taken to laboratories or for that matter to the educational tours and excursions. As a result what was reflected was the fact that the pupil did not ever have a practical exposure to the everyday happenings and about the elementary knowledge of the daily transformation and the natural activities that were taking place all around us (Koulaidis & Dimopoulos, 2003). In the truest sense of the term, education is not only about accumulating knowledge but also an ability to utilize the knowledge for making a fruitful contribution to the society as well (Hirst, 2010). 

These pupil and students are assumed to be the responsible future citizens of the country and also they are supposed to contribute in future to a large extent for improving upon the GDP of the country or in social welfare (McKinnon, 2012). Being a student under the traditional way of imparting education confined only to the classrooms, I also came to terms with the limitations of the classical system long before I entered the teaching profession in this school (Regal & Sharp, 2008). 

However, the commencement of the process happened not before there was some turmoil with the managing committee of the school where some of the board members objected to the plan citing reasons that the whole endeavor might be rendered useless despite the huge expenditure associated with it. I also found that initially there were many critics of the change among my colleagues, departmental heads and within the non-teaching staff, attendants, school bus escorts and the general guardians. This was definitely a challenge for the organizational change team and the staunch supporters of the change procedure. 

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