Complete Guide on Student Part Time Jobs in Australia

by Bella Williams June 22, 2020

While pursuing education in Australia, you can also seek part-time employment to help yourself cover expenses, gain work experience and also learn more about the country. Most Universities permit students to work for 40 hours a fortnight during the academic session. You must however re-confirm before applying for a job.

You could find varied employment options to pick from. Paid part time opportunities are available in industries like retail, hospitality, telemarketing, tutoring etc. Prior work experience in any of these industries or suitable courses completed in the past could help you land the desired role. Apart from jobs in these industries, you could also apply for internships or volunteer programs based on your interests. Job search can be conducted using multiple channels like newspapers, online websites, campus notice-board or recruitment firms.

So let us see the Three Important Aspects of Student Part Time Jobs.



Where to Hunt For Student Part-Time Jobs in Australia

While you already know that you can find part time jobs through online websites and newspapers, here are a few more avenues that could prove to be immensely useful

1. On Campus part-time jobs

Look out for a University employment office or online employment center to look for on-campus openings and save on transportation expenses and also time. Check out these University sites for a better understanding QUT Careerhubregister under Students@Work program and recruitment center at The University of Sydney.

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2. Off-Campus part-time jobs

They are more readily available as compared to on-campus jobs and can be found through social media websites, online portals, classifieds in magazines or newspapers and friends.

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3. In-person enquiry

One of the most popular ways of job search is to set out on the streets looking for part-time opportunities. Boards or placards outside supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and bars are often a great source of employment for students worldwide.

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Find out What you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

– Katharine Elizabeth Whitehorn


4. Online

Check out websites like (or Australia for job search. You could also seek online work opportunities with websites like

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5. Other platforms

Referrals or peers having local contacts could also prove to be of great help. Social media websites like Facebook also comprise of pages which post part time employment opportunities on a regular basis. To gain a better perspective, check out the following group in facebook Casual/Part Time job Newsfeed Victoria, Australia.


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Which Part-Time Job Is Best Suited For International Students In Austr                                                alia?


Before deciding on which part time job suits you the best, it is important for you to consider the following aspects

1. Money

If your primary goal of getting employed is earning money, it is best for you to focus only on paid jobs. However, if money is secondary, you could explore opportunities with volunteering groups and social societies.

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2. Exposure

Working helps students gain exposure and increase their social circle. Hence, choose a job that permits maximum scope of learning. Preferably, get into a job that would provide a glimpse into your prospective future career.

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3. Professionalism

You must look for a job that teaches you the very basics of professionalism and also hones existing skills. The workplace is also an excellent platform to form contacts in the country.

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4. Timings

Make sure that the job that you choose for yourself suits your lifestyle and spares enough disposable time for rejuvenation.

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How much can you earn from a part-time job?


The different employment opportunities comprise of internships, volunteering and paid jobs. The average remuneration for part time jobs in Australia is AUS$15 per hour. However, the figure depends on factors like experience, location, industry etc. and is usually disbursed once or twice in a fortnight. A basic minimum wage is the legal right of a student and so is challenging an unfair termination from job.

While working part-time, you may have to encounter problems associated with time management, budgeting, anxiety, work-life balance, distractions and a limited social life. However, effective planning and prioritization will help you overcome all of these.


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Preparing yourself Mentally & Physically for a Part Time Job?


Here are 6 simple steps to help prepare you for the struggles of a part-time job

1. SWOT Analysis

Conduct a SWOT analysis on your own self to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you in understanding which jobs would be ideally suited for you.

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2. Networking

You could seek help from seniors at University who have been employed in part time jobs. Networking could also help you land a good job. It is important for you to acknowledge and thank the people who prove to be helpful in effectively searching jobs. This speaks volumes of your professionalism.
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Find out What you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

– Katharine Elizabeth Whitehorn


3. Job environment analysis

Before you decide to work at a particular place, make sure that you analyze all possible factors that could lead to your motivation or demotivation at work. Your workplace must not only be a place that you visit on a daily basis, it must also offer learning. Also, you must try to socialize as much as possible in the work arena as it promotes peer learning. This will help you grasp your responsibilities well and will also help transform your workplace into a fun place.
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4. Resume

Build a resume that is crisp and impactful. Stress on details that are relevant to the profile you intend to apply for.
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5. Positive attitude

Go to the workplace each day with a smile on your face and a keen desire to learn new things in your heart. Dressing well to work greatly boosts your confidence and helps you get through the day. So, look your best at all times and dress appropriately, keeping in mind the kind of industry you are working with.
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6. Work-Life balance

While working could be of great importance, so is socializing. Never take up more tasks than you can accomplish. Make sure you keep some spare time for rejuvenation to be able to savor the sweet taste of life.

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We hope that this blog was worth your time. We tried our best to provide you LEGITIMATE and USEFUL knowledge on various aspects of student part time jobs in Australia.

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