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by Admin Support October 22, 2015

How to Conduct Topic Analysis?

Topic Analysis – Approach to writing an A+ grade assignment

Topic analysis can be considered the first and foremost step of writing an essay in cases where you have given a topic for the essay by your professor. Otherwise, if you are writing an essay completely based on your choice, then topic analysis will be the step after you have undergone the important step of selecting the topic. On this page, I will completely focus on the first scenario where you are answering a question through an essay or a report. Basically, the primary objective of topic analysis is to understand what you are expected off and how you are going to structure your essay to meet the expectation. Topic analysis in that way is a very important step behind developing your questions and subsequently planning your writing.

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Steps involved in Topic analysis: Before you concentrate on the question in your hand, you should think about the following points.

  • The primary objectives of the course you are undertaking and accordingly how you can meet the standards in this essay?
  • The marking criteria of this assignment, especially you should focus on the points that will enable you to get the top marks in the class?

Once you have a clear idea about these two points, you should shift your focus on the question. Especially, the following points should be kept in mind,

  • Read the topic carefully
  • Underline the key words
  • Explain the topic in your own words, primarily with the help of the key words
  • Try to find out answers to questions like, what should I write? And how should I write?
  • If you are unable to do that, then you are back to the first step.

Read the topic carefully: In this step you can try to break down the questions into smaller and simpler parts, so that you can comprehend them separately to form the meaning of the entire question. You can also try to underline all the verbs in the questions to get a clear idea of what you are expected to do. Subsequently, you can underline all the nouns to understand what you are supposed to write about or what should be the topic of your essay.

Underline the key words: This step is not actually very different from the earlier one. Here, the focus will be more on identifying nouns that can be considered as key words in writing the essay. Along with this, you can also try to underline or bracket the various limiting words that actually limit the focus of the essay and often involve:

  • Period or time span
  • Place
  • Population or some specific group.

The following image has provided a comprehensive example of how to underline or bracket limiting words.


(Source: The University of Queensland > Student services > Topic Analysis)

Explain the topic in your own words: This is an essential step to realize whether you have completely grasped the question or not and whether you should proceed on to answer it or take some more time to think over it. This explanation might also help you to formulate the initial schematics of your essay.

What should I write and how: This step can be considered as the first step in really constructing your answer or arguments for the essay. Generally, to jot down different points around the topic, a brainstorming exercise is an ideal practice. In this regard, you should check other steps for successfully completing assignments.

If you find yourself completely clueless in the above step, then you most probably have not understood the topic completely. In that case, you should again begin from first or second steps depending on the level of your doubt.

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