HR in the Indian Social Enterprise Sector

by David Thompson June 03, 2016
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How diverse are the challenges faced by social entrepreneur companies in comparison to traditional kind of organisations?


Intellecap Business Services

  • Intellecap is a global provider  of consulting and  investment banking services
  • A key driver of fast-paced global development within the clients
  • Client presence in industries namely – Development finance institutions, private sector investors, foundations, governments and inclusive and social businesses
  • Intellecap’s main objective  is  to  create  a  more  cohesive  system  for  distribution  of knowledge  among  all  industry  participants
  • This case study is about Intellecap’s social entrepreneur clients that bring about a change in the society by application of thought and its human resources. The human resource challenges faced by social entrepreneur companies are much more diverse than those faced by the traditional kind of organizations.HR and organizational strategy assignment help 647*182

Social Entrepreneurs – A different enterprise

  • Social entrepreneurs attract  and  retain  a  work  force  that  is  achieving  social  impact  against  some difficult odds.
  • Social entrepreneur company  founders  have  to  sometimes  represent  the  Human Resource  function  by  training,  empowering  and  sharing  knowledge  among  the employees.
  • Creating another layer of leadership is difficult because of the nature of work done by Social entrepreneur companies. Not everyone can lead the Social entrepreneur company bandwagon with the same zeal as shown by the owner of the company.
  • Social entrepreneur companies need to recruit human resource leadership that operates with transparency and also drives growth initiatives among the organization.
  • The dearth of resources: Training and development activities along with a robust infrastructure inclusive of customized software applications that can maintain briskness in the business.
  • Complexity of the Social Enterprise: The need to achieve both financial stability and social impact and maintain it makes the structure of a Social entrepreneur company quite challenging.
  • Small Workforce: The workforce with the Social entrepreneur company remains small but the duties and responsibilities continue to exist on a bigger scale.
  • Hiring senior managers for specific activities: Senior managers expect higher compensation and a trained staff. Both these demands remain unmet with most Social entrepreneur companies, especially in case of start-ups.
  • Focus on Soft skills: Being a Social entrepreneur company, constant interaction with the public is essential and hence development of soft skills becomes a dire necessity.

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