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by Lucy Coyle January 12, 2016
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It is required to write skills portfolio for the 9 behaviours below (maximum of 200 words for each). Each needs a specific example. Please use all information below for writing this skill portfolio. I don’t want it to be like a paragraph, each section need to be separated. The marking key is in the end of the example below.

For e.g.: before each situation open with a strong claim then the situation……..

Task: ……..


Result: ……

Employability SkillBehaviourDescriptor
Analysing data and using technology



NumeracyAnalyse and use numbers and data accurately and manipulate into relevant information.
TechnologySelect and use appropriate technology to address diverse tasks and problems.
Information managementRetrieve, interpret, evaluate and interactively use information in a range of different formats.
Communicating effectively



Verbal communicationCommunicate orally in a clear and sensitive manner which is appropriately varied according to different audiences and seniority levels.
Public speakingSpeak publicly and adjust their style according to the nature of the audience.
Written communicationPresent knowledge, in a range of written formats, in a professional, structured and clear manner.



Meta-cognitionReflect on and evaluate personal practices, strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.
Lifelong learningActively seek, monitor and manage knowledge and sustainable opportunities for learning in the context of employment and life.
Career managementDevelop meaningful and realistic career goals and pathways for achieving them in light of labour market conditions.

:Important rules

  • The first step is to brainstorm ideas for each of the criterion.
  • Ideally, you should confine your examples to the last two or three years of employment.
  • Where you do not have relevant work examples, situations from different aspects of your life (e.g. university, clubs or the community) may also demonstrate relevant strengths.

For Example:       Brainstorm examples:

“Well developed written communication skills”

  • As a student at University, I was required to write an essay on Human Resource Management
  • As an intern at ANZ bank, I needed to write a report on project planning
  • As a member of the student guild, I was responsible for producing a monthly newsletter which went out to guild members



Employability Skills:-


Claim –The world today majorly functions on interpretations and manipulations of data. With the plenitude of requirements around, I excel in handling data, not only because I know what to do with it, but also how to use technology to do it more efficiently.

Situation –Among other responsibilities, my job at my first employer, involved generating different kinds of reports for the client as well as using different statistical methods.

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Task –The requisite reports needed to be generated from various client databases and varied in purpose and size and were a critical feed into the client’s Management Information System. The statistical data, inferences involved identifying relationships between different database parameters and were important for monthly auditing purposes.

Action – The task was quite demanding and I handled it quite expertly. What otherwise would have taken days of work, was being done instead, in a matter of hours. I identified different free tools available in the market for the same purpose. From database query handlers (like Squirrel) to statistical calculators (like SPSS), all these technologies made the task much simpler.

Result – The client was hugely impressed with my ingenuity, the quality of my reports and data inferences and an approximately 18% year-over-year deduction in erroneous reports.

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