Project Management

Jamaica Colony Apartment And Children Park Renovation

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Word Count

1500 words


Project charter


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Assignment 1: MyProject Charter

The Project Charter should explain the background of the organisation where this project will be carried out, the objectives of the project and the importance of this project to the organisation. The Charter include a Business Case, Milestone Schedule, as well as any major problems or anticipated Risks with this project if they are known at this stage. The textbook provides detailed examples of what needs to be included in the Project Charter.  These examples will assist in the development of the Project Charter for MyProject.

The project could be from one of the following categories depending on the type of business a student is involved in:

  • an organisational project that a student is involved in as the organisation's main line of business – to manage projects for your organisation or on behalf of others
  • an activity that a student is convinced would benefit from being handled as a project
  • an activity in which a student was involved in the past that was not carried out as a project, but one which you believe would have been managed better as a project. If you use this option you should describe how you would execute this activity now using the knowledge gained through this unit.

The project should NOT be:

  • a wedding event
  • a project developing an App
  • a project implementing a change management initiative.

Note:. Students are directed to the Activity to be completed at the end of Topic 1

The maximum word length for this part is 1,500 words excluding words used in any charts, templates, forms or diagrams that you have used to apply the knowledge areas.

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Assignment Solution


The study would present scope of the project which is related to the renovation of a housing colony. A letter to the sponsor of the project would be presented along with the business case. The study would present the milestones for the project as well as the resources and the stakeholders for the project (Kloppenborg T. , 2014). The risks identified for the project will also be presented in the report.

Project Scope

Project scope is defined as the main evaluation of the performance of project which agreement with the requirements of clients for operation, ability, and content. The content is defined as the surrounded set of confirmable end products, distributable and results that the team of the project takes on to give it to the customer of the specific project (Cattani, 2011). In the construction project of Jamaica Colony the all residents are a plan to modernizing their whole housing at the colony buildings. They will plan to provide additional facilities by the project. Jamaica Colony is undergoing a project in which they will be renovating the entire accommodations at the colony premises. It will be allowing each apartment to have extra space for keeping their necessary items. This majorly includes storage of bigger seasonal items such as lawn, utensils, children bicycle space and a small garden facility. It will be undergoing the construction of a lawn and outer space colony buildings to be constructed with garden facilities.   The present view of the colony is sophisticated and has very few spaces for the colony members and children to carrying out their activities. This project undertaken will help out a colony to have maximum space for initiating their activities in a most appropriate manner. This project has got a wide scope and will be completed by the period of December 30th, 2015. 

Business Case

A business case is a disagreement, generally documented, which is planned to include a decision maker to support any type of action. The document is sometimes considered as a business case. In very big projects, an introduction business case should be planned. Then, this is improved into a comprehensive business case for the favored choice after possibility study and choices evaluation has been carried out (Verzuh, 2008). The construction project of Jamaica colony is undertaking to improve the maximum space for storage in their buildings. They accepted this project to develop their colony in a proper way and satisfying all the peoples that live in the colony. The main objective of Jamaica Colony project is to get maximum storage space in their apartments concerning lawn, utensils, children bicycle space and a small garden facility. For building the colony in an appropriate manner waste space outside the apartments will be used so that proper construction can be initiated for carrying out various activities. Further, it can be said that the achievements of this project are severely based on this factor. In the earlier period of time, the family has put their efforts to create impermanent construction that items could be kept safely in case that such temporary action made the items to be exposed and causes severe damage to the items and ensuring unnecessary expense and the impermanent construction may become the eyesore among the entire colony. It will consider as the successful project when it creates a weather resistant structure for keeping the family items.

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