Most common problems faced by student when writing assignments and essays

by Dr. Alan June 24, 2020

There are 5 most important problem areas mentioned by students when they write assignments.

1. Referencing

Referencing is the most difficult part for students while writing their assignments. The main reason for this are

  • There are so many different kinds of referencing styles like APA, MLA, HARVARD and more.
  • Every referencing style has its own unique format.
  • There are many important parts which are required to write a reference like Author name, page number, year of publication and source.
  • Many students from different countries are not habituated to write references in their native country.

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Some professors are geeky and they make even an easy topic, difficult for students to understand


2. Plagiarism

Plagiarism in your assignment solution is a sin. Many students face this problem when plagiarism is caught in their assignments. This mostly happens because of following reasons

  • Students don’t understand what should be quoted as it is and what should not be.
  • They are not habituated of strict plagiarism rules in their native countries
  • Many students face problem with English, so they are tempted to copy paste as it is from the source.
  • If students are writing their assignments at the last minute, then they will be tempted to copy paste as it is from the source.

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Use these two services to check for plagiarism before submitting your assignment solution

  • Writecheck (precise and helps with corrections, but it is paid..around 7 dollars for 5000 words)
  • Copyscape (checks only online sources, but it is free)
  • This article will tell you what is the best way to paraphrase (writing similar thought in your own language)
  • Read here to know what are the different kinds of plagiarism mistakes, which you can knowingly or unknowingly commit in your assignments.

3. Blooms Taxonomy

It is very important to understand blooms taxonomy before writing your assignment solution. If you do not understand blooms taxonomy, then it is impossible for you to understand your assignment requirement guidelines as well as marking rubric. Here are the reasons why Blooms create problem in assignment solutions

  • Someone who doesn’t understand blooms taxonomy will never understand the difference between these words mentioned in assignment requirements DESCRIBE, ANALYZE, APPLY, SYNTHESIS and hence attracts markers disgust.
  • In many countries Blooms taxonomy is not taught to students.
  • It requires practice and thorough understanding to develop a cognitive level as per Blooms.

(Solution) Here is a master blog on A to Z of blooms taxonomy and it explains every cognitive level with an example of making breakfast. 

4. English Proficiency

This is one of the most common problems reported by international students (especially coming from non English speaking countries like China and Middle Eastern countries). Reasons for this are

  • There primary school education was not in English
  • Many students don’t appreciate the power of having good English in the present global world
  • Many students are afraid or lazy to learn and improve their English abilities.

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5. Subject knowledge

No matter how good your English or referencing skills are, if you are not thorough in your subject knowledge, your assignments won’t fetch you good marks. There are many reasons for lack of subject knowledge

  • Because of part-time jobs, students feel don’t get time to read on the topic at home.
  • Students do not take adequate notes during classroom lectures.
  • They don’t have books to refer
  • Students sometimes feel shy to ask doubts from their professor.
  • Some professors are geeky and they make even an easy topic, difficult for students to understand.


Plagiarism in your assignment solution is a sin


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