Reflective Report On Business Process Reengineering

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Assessment Type


Word Count

1000 words


Business Process Reengineering


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Your reflection may give consideration to the following:

  1. How high was commitment to the team? Were meetings well attended?

The group members come to all the meeting every Monday at 1 pm and also some extra days during the presentation editing. The meeting is a very benefit and we work all together by collecting the information from the first day by divided the section of the presentation materials. (You can expand the information).

  1. What were the key stages in the team development? How well did the team work together (a) at the start, (b) during meetings, and (c) on the day of the presentation

The team is created from the teacher not from the student because that there are differentiation in work and also in culture, language and many things. But we work to develop the relation by the members from the first meeting by break the ice to make the weather more positive to work. During the meeting there some times some few conflicts in some issue related to choose the best sector to discuses or change the sector after some members finished research in it because that some struggles but it is a normal in team working.

On the day of presentation we work so hard before the presentation to practise because we finish the work just before day of the presentation.

(You can expand the information as you think is better).

  1. What roles were performed within the team? by you and others?

The roles between the team is divided by making a structure together from the assignment an after that we work to search about the information related to the topic and uploaded in the  the files in social media ( Facebook and Google Doc) to discusses  next meeting about it.

  1. How could the team working process have been improved – in hindsight, what you personally had done differently individually and/or collectively as a team?

We can improve the team working by organised the time of meeting to become more than one day per week because I confused some days because I study different courses not same my team and I have presentation or workshop.

  1. What challenges did your team face in the peer assessment process?

I believe there are different ability to work between the members because the background is extremely make a challenges. For example, I never work with group before when I studied or when I work. I work with group but it is different style work.

The most important things to peer assessment the team is the ability to work because some members have lots of knowledge about the topic some about presentation design etc. this mean Work and discipline is the most important evaluation criteria. The peer assessment in my opinion divied to many things like meeting, working with group, finish you work and make a presentation with your team.

  1. What personal insights have you learned about yourself, as a result of the learning journey on this part of the module ( Trimester B)?

I'm satisfied from managing people and performance module in this semester because it is baneful for me in the future but about the learning journey it gave me information about my self like strengths and weaknesses and also gave my a perfect theory  how to work with team and how can I deal with any conflicts.

Part Two – Presentation strengths and weaknesses ( the feedback from the teacher is down).

Critically compare the structure, content and delivery of your presentation to other presentations delivered by the cohort.

Critically discuss examples of good and poor practice from observations of others presentations in relation to the following:

  1. What were the strengths and weaknesses of you team presentation in terms of visuals, flow, and timing compared to (a) the remit and marking criteria; and (b) the other presentations that you observed in class?

The presentation is a very good and also the strengths 

-Self confident. 

-The information and theory is referenced.

-We read a lot about the topic to answer any questions from the teacher ot the   


-finish on time. 12 min exactly and the 3 minutes for the questions

-we orgainsed the role for everyone to start on time.

-Body language is so good for everyone and also eye contact.


Stressful because we didn't practice to much.

(You can write another information about my team and other teams and after that I can edit the information)

  1. what were the strengths and weaknesses of your team presentation content and analysis compared to (a) the remit and marking criteria; and (b) the other presentations that you observed in class?

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Assignment Solution

Part 1:  Team Development, Peer Support, and Peer Assessment


For past few weeks, we have been working in a team on the project related to business process reengineering. This project involves critical analysis and benefits of business process reengineering. While conducting this group project the topmost concerns of pour whole group were how to efficiently organize the group sessions, how the best and relevant material can be collected related to the topic that relates to the previous information and lastly how can we make out presentation the best possible presentation.

Team Development and Issues Met

As pre-decided the group members always arrived for the group meetings on time at 1 pm every Monday and if required we also met on extra days for editing the presentation (Mead, Hilton and Curtis, 2014). These meetings proved to be fruitful as they helped in collecting information from varied resources, in a large amount as the whole presentation topics were divided amongst the team members. Although the team members were from various cultures and spoke many languages, we all worked together by crossing the cultural barriers and interact with each other, this helped in developing positive relations with all the team members (Bushe and Coetzer, 2007).

However few conflicts too came up during the meetings as sometimes all of us did not agree on a particular topic of business process engineering to be included in the presentation. Sometimes some of the team members found it difficult to collect information on the topic they were allocated, so they wanted to get their topics changed. But with close coordination and understanding between all the team members, all these issues were sorted out by the team leader of our group who motivated us all the time to work as per the team schedule decided before starting the work (Tuckman's Team Development Model, 2008). He also managed by reallocating the topics to the team members if they were not satisfied with them.

Learning's from the Team Presentation

By participating in this team presentation I enhanced my learning curve to next level. When I met my team members, I felt a bit hesitant and resisted interacting with them as most of them were unfamiliar to me. Then I thought that staying in a shell won't help, so I started interacting with them and we started sharing knowledge and experiences with each other. I learnt that the journals and articles available on the internet can be great and authentic source of information through discussion with my team members. A thorough reading of even the difficult topics of business process reengineering from various sources certainly helped in understating them and my enhanced my knowledge about the topic (Bushe and Coetzer, 2007). Discussions with group members on varied topics help in exchanging some relevant information which I had missed out. Thus  by being part of the group presentation I learnt  that group work has its own benefits attached like I get effective peer support in collecting and sharing huge amount of relevant information. Once I got stuck with making PowerPoint presentation slides. Then the team leader of my group guided me with telling me all the ways in which I can make the best presentation (Avolio and Yammarino, 2002). Some of the key learning points from this presentation are that I learned time management, how to stay disciplined and bring knowledge in action. I also learned how to undergo self-assessment after every activity thus helping me to great extent in initiating self-reflection and finally reaching a final decision or developing a plan of action for future.

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