Statistical Analysis Project

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Word Count

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Statistical Analysis


1 Day

Assignment Criteria

Q-1. What was the proportion of the babies born in your local health district in 2002 to women who were at least 35 yrs. of age?

Q-2. In your local health district in 2002 was the average birth weight significantly different to the European average?

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Assignment Solution

Written Task Part A

This project leads us through a statistical analysis using a random sample of historical birth data. The data for this project was obtained from a case study exercise undertaken in a particular Local Health District (LHD) in 2002.

To gain meaningful information on the birth weight of babies born in the year 2002 in a certain LHD, a sample data set of 116 births surveyed were 'randomly selected' from the population of all births in this particular LHD the same year. MS-Excel was used to conduct various statistical operations on bwt (birthweight of LHD children: in grams) data.


  • The distribution of the data is approximately normal, with the presence of a few outliers (birth weights less than 2400 grams and birth weights above 4200 grams). 
  • The shape of the curve is slightly left-skewed (negative skewness).
  • The data tend to cluster/concentrate about the range 2700-4200 grams as about 92% (107 of the sampled 116) LHD children have birth weights within this range. Further, a maximum number of 30 LHD children have birth weights within 3600-3900 grams.

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